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    Notes from Wed, 4/27 Call:


    Howard Cohen :Power of Connection - NY Presentation - Howie Cohen-- Chubb Insurance



    • Going through a merger and a.
    • In process of pulling together 2 big companies to become one
    • Village is the Jive instance- merged both platforms


    Howie's Quick Outline:


    • Howie will kick off with:  who I am, what i do
    • Talk about the why is the systems and capabilities, what we did historically
    • Two systems that were totally different and brought them together
      • ACE use jive for Intranet and Chubb used Jive for corporate social engagement, now bringing two together
    • Specific use case around Working Out Loud
    • Share some ROI Stats and how we measure, ex. saved X amount of dollars and cut costs...
    • What we are doing in the future
      • Moving forward, build on the goodness of what we have done how can we extend the capabilities of the platform and digital capabilities
    • Live Demo


    3 Questions to be prepared to answer at the event:


    Action Items:

    • Darshita to ask  if John Benfield, AVP can attend, and drive and give a demonstration-- want to make sure live demonstration -wifi.
    • Howie to send over slides in the next few days
    • Scheduled a follow up to review draft in 1 week.