Extracting data from Cloudalytics using a Rest Client

Version 2

    Personal thought:

    Having worked with the Cloudalytics API, this is my attempt at simplifying the content for a less technical user. This approach can be used by users who are not very savvy with APIs to extract data out of Cloudalytics .


    Following steps outline the a simplified approach to extracting data from the Cloudalytics using the API:


        Image 1.png

    • Launch the Advanced Rest API Interface
    • Construct this URL with the client key

               https://api.jivesoftware.com/analytics/analytics/v1/auth/login?clientId=<ClientID>&clientSecret=<Client Secret>

    • Click on the Post button and enter the constructed URL

         Image 2.png

    • Paste the URL and click “Send”

       Image 3.png

    • Click on Raw and get the key
    • Click on “Form” and click on Add new header

    The new header is “Authorization” and the paste the “Key” that you found as the value

    Image 4.png

    • Click on the Get button
    • Change the URL to the Query API URL.Click Send.

         E.g. https://api.jivesoftware.com/analytics/v2/export/activity/csv?fields=activity.actor.*&after=2015-04-01&before=2015-05-30&filter=action(comment)

    Image 5.png

    • Click Save as File and click download to download file



    Sample queries

    All user Information for a given time period that entered a comment:


    All comments for a given time period that entered a comment:


    All likes for a given time period that entered a comment:



    API Documentation:


    Note: If you are looking for basic data extracts, then you can skip to the “List of all data export events”