Version 1
    Component/sIssueSeverityRelease Note Title
    Activity, Activity: InboxJIVE-57672S2Clicking @ and appending /inbox to your Jive URL both take you to the stream you pinned as default rather than the Inbox
    Activity, Activity: Widgets, Content: TaggingJIVE-57756S2If not connected to Recommender, tags are not updated when viewing popular tags widget on a container overview page
    Activity, Activity: Gamification (NOT JIVE REWARDS)JIVE-62447S2Me in 3 does not display as badges on hover card
    ActivityJIVE-62533S2Disabling Uploading Documents removes the Create Document option from within Group Activity Pages
    Activity, Activity: NewsJIVE-62543S2When you edit a user stream and check to see in which stream are you following that content/place, the representation of the community streams is an id instead of their real name
    Activity, Activity: NewsJIVE-64261S2When Homepage set to News initial page load is for Top & Trending content not news
    Activity, Activity: Admin Console, People: User ProfilesJIVE-64854S2Profile field translations deleted when you click Manage Properties icon in admin console
    Activity, Activity: NewsJIVE-64989S2When you add a new filter to the News stream, it shows incorrect number for the audience
    Activity, Activity: NewsJIVE-65395S2Trending People tile on the News page is not populated when Recommender is disabled
    Activity, Activity: NewsJIVE-66087S2Filter by Status Updates doesn't work on News Stream
    Activity, Activity: Structured OutcomesJIVE-66368S2Very intermittently, menus show incorrect text and buttons
    Activity, Activity: Email NotificationsJIVE-67084S2Initial email invitation to External Contributor not sent
    Activity, Activity: Private Messages, Content: Status UpdatesJIVE-70801S2Status Update & Message: when you attach an image larger than the maximum size allowed, then attach picture less than maximum size allowed, you still get an error and only images smaller than 2048 are allowed
    Analytics, Analytics: Impact StatsJIVE-62607S1Impact Metrics query performance results in sporadic errors when viewing Impact Metrics
    Architecture, Architecture: Background TasksJIVE-54836S2Cannot update value for MessageIDCutoff Give Up Time due to NumberFormatException
    Architecture, Architecture: Extended APIsJIVE-60518S2"Get version usage graphs" doesn't work for Extended APIs plugin admin
    Content, Content: AccessibilityJIVE-33526S2For accessibility, there is no obvious way to tab into drop-down menus
    Content, Content: DiscussionsJIVE-45293S2Admin unable to move content to private discussion
    Content, Content: Document ConversionJIVE-50972S2Document conversion occasionally doesn't complete for certain Excel files
    Content, Content: DocumentsJIVE-55980S2Restrict Authors on Documents fails silently when user is a non-member of the Members Only Group
    Content, Mobile: ResponsiveJIVE-56704S2On a reduced or mobile browser, page redirects to "overview//content" instead of "overview/content", resulting in an error
    Content, People: Authentication / SSOJIVE-57499S2SAML SSO admins need to call support to clear the cache in certain cases
    Content, Content: Photo AlbumJIVE-57609S2Attachments don't show up in a Photo Album after it's published
    Content, Search: OpensearchJIVE-57808S2Opensearch only returns 15 results even when Maximum Number of Results is set to greater than 15
    Content, Content: Moderation, Content: Photo AlbumJIVE-63226S2Moderation: author receives "Unauthorized" when trying to see a rejected Photo Album
    Content, Content: Status Updates, Mobile: ResponsiveJIVE-63333S2Creating a "Status Update" in Responsive only allows you to post the content in the community and not select a place
    Content, Content: EventsJIVE-63606S2Unable to save event.ics to Outlook Calendar on Windows
    Content, Content: ModerationJIVE-63716S2Dash "-" is ignored when added to global interceptors
    Content, Content: WidgetsJIVE-64143S2Copy to Clipboard isn't always clickable in the HTML widget
    Content, Content: DocumentsJIVE-64200S2Headers and tables issues in PDF formatting
    Content, Content: EventsJIVE-64322S2Users aren't able to change RSVP after changing event privacy to 'private' when they previously chose 'Yes'
    Content, Content: Status UpdatesJIVE-64968S2Sharing a User's Status creates an error if you don't select, "Enable status update in social groups and projects"
    Content, Content: Photo AlbumJIVE-65725S2Cannot select Photo Albums in Content Sets tile
    Content, Content: DocumentsJIVE-65815S2Uploaded images break when using non-root context
    Content, Mobile: ResponsiveJIVE-66268S2Responsive Web doesn't show the password strength requirements
    Content, Content: TasksJIVE-66329S2Disabling Create Project in Custom Permissions disables the ability to complete a task on task page
    Content, Content: Document ConversionJIVE-66343S2Document preview doesn't correctly display graphs created with ThinkCell in Microsoft PowerPoint
    Content, Content: Moderation, People: Moderation, SearchJIVE-66899S2When username is set to be email address, Moderated content filtering ignores the username
    Content, RTEJIVE-67032S2Code syntax highlighting not applied to text after clicking publish
    Content, Content: Mobile SafariJIVE-67147S2Unable to submit Discussion on mobile following posting of empty Discussion post
    Content, Mobile: Responsive, Search: Spotlight SearchJIVE-69943S2Responsive spotlight search does nothing when "show more" is tapped
    Content, Content: Document ConversionJIVE-70183S2Excel Office 97-2003 format conversion issue
    People, People: Authentication / LDAPJIVE-56395S2modifyTimestamp is displayed as Zulu/UTC time, but actually uses the application's time zone
    People, People: Admin ConsoleJIVE-56516S2Guest Access can still be enabled even while Externally Accessible Groups is enabled
    People, People: Admin ConsoleJIVE-61786S2Org chart management does not properly align when adding relationships
    People, People: User ProfilesJIVE-62660S2Users don't see Group Role badges on instances using non-root context
    People, People: User ProfilesJIVE-62826S2Prior to newly registered users logging in, Last Logged in date shows December 31, 1969
    People, People: User ProfilesJIVE-64008S2Setting the resource.alternate.url system property prevetns profile images from rendering
    People, People: User Profiles, Search: PeopleJIVE-64206S2Searching "who's online" when you search loses results when you click for additional results pages
    People, People: WidgetsJIVE-64738S2Recently Joined widget displays date of invitation NOT date of acceptance.
    Places, Places: ThemingJIVE-54553S2Place Banner Management - Duplicated image error when re-uploading a Background Image that was canceled once
    Places, Places: Social GroupsJIVE-57186S2When joining a private group, the modal remains blank pending membership approval
    Places, Places: RSSJIVE-58187S2RSS Feed does not render shares correctly
    Places, Places: Social GroupsJIVE-61118S2Cannot delete group with blogs disabled
    Places, Places: ThemingJIVE-61505S2Legacy Breadcrumb color cannot be changed in the Theme Editor
    Places, Places: ThemingJIVE-62361S2Simple Home Page option does nothing in Jive 8
    Places, Places: WidgetsJIVE-62580S2Overview Widgets don't allow you to copy from other spaces.
    Places, Places: BrowsingJIVE-65880S2Ampersands in Place Categories don't display properly
    Records RetentionJIVE-71594S2When file size limits are increased to allow very large file sizes, Records Retention emails can cause performance problems on the server
    RTE, RTE: ImagesJIVE-39710S2Resize big images after edit, doesn't works on IE11.
    RTE, RTE: LinksJIVE-45485S2When you click the Unlink button, you still see a link
    RTEJIVE-57133S2Quoting a user in a discussion reply exposes username instead of first name and last name
    RTEJIVE-58246S2Typing text into documents with large tables on IE9 is slow
    RTE, RTE: LinksJIVE-62665S2In the Content Editior, clicking Insert Link inserts link into invalid positionwhen you press Space or Enter buttons in IE
    RTE, RTE: FormattingJIVE-66374S2Syntax Highlighted text loses formatting when published
    SearchJIVE-58496S2Search widget search results not recursive