Version 5

    Agenda Highlights:


    • NetApp case study
    • SAP case study - PDF attached
    • Jive update - PDF attached

    Roundtable Discussion Notes:



    Best practices:

    • Seeding
      • Idea: don’t assign content to contributors; look for volunteers or people who want to do it
        • Identify these people from previewing discussions and in buy in PPTs
        • Drive traffic from traditional communications (ex newsletters)
      • Idea: emails from executives – little content -> link to community w/ the details
      • Idea: promote community during any/all meetings
      • New User Help
        • Idea: 2-3 minute tutorials
        • Educate via brown bags
        • Demos for stakeholders
        • New hire training
      • Promote it everywhere
      • Make it relevant
        • Idea: launch w/ brand launch
        • Idea: FAQ
        • Idea: align w/ business goals
        • Idea: record/post exec videos
      • Single Sign On
      • Re-engagement emails (ex: if user hasn’t logged in for 2 weeks, auto generate an email)





      • Content is key; must have for the user
      • Avoid monologues; must appear as an active collaborating group
      • Subscribing to community newsletter
      • Moderator behavior: avoid being another helpdesk, all community to serve themselves but jump in as needed
      • Executive behavior
      • Use it to get employee feedback
      • Personal blogs…risky
      • Archive strategy
      • Be aware of cultural challenges – APAC L12N








      - It's an abstract concept

                      - How do we measure various key business values?

                      - Metric system measurement

                                      - How much do we charge?

                                      - Does it match the result?


      - Determine your KPI's (only need a few)

      - How can we measure awareness?

                      - Develop and measure business value.

                                      - How much are you paying for a campaign?

                                      - Cost for support?

                                      - Awareness / Documentation


      - Saving money vs. growth and profit.

      - Measuring internal efficiency.

                      - Create a baseline for this measurement.

      - Example - Meeting Rooms - - ROI

      - Dense Data Formats

                      - It’s effect on business?

                      - Do we have enough knowledge to create equations to measure business value?


      - Having a collaborative community can make it quicker for consumers, partners to get right information.

                      - Do we have the correct tools to validate the above statement?

                      - Example – support calls diverted


      - Always an old way, new formats have replaced the old ways.

                      - Twitter, YouTube, social networking have replaced pamphlets, brochures.


      -Need to establish equations and other analytical ways to prove and measure value.

                      - Other departments (HR, etc.) have equations to measure their performance and value. Ask these organizations how they do it.


      -Using Jive helps compliment and further enable other programs.

                      - Sharepoint lacks some advanced community features

      - Jive helps to create a connection between sales team and customers.

                      - Talk to customers directly.

                      - Some have seen an increase in business which was due to user groups.

                                      - Need to develop an equation to measure, calculate and track this for all communities.


      - Generic touch point equations to help measure sales.

      - Measure growth and activity

                      - Still need more to measure ROI


      - People who have joined the community become more involved with other aspects of the business.

                      -Participation in the community can help people gain knowledge and understand a product.

                      - Can help drive sales.

                                      - integrate the sales and community.

      - Enable users to see what key members are reading and topics they are following.


      - Success factors:

      Cost minimization, enablement of sales, and integration with support department.