Version 4

    Interactive Intranet Profile - Marketing OnBoarding

    Marketing Onboarding

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    Place Purpose:

    • Guide a new Jiver to New2Jive and Brewspace onBoarding and Marketing onboarding checklists
    • Keep and track a new Marketer's Marketing onboarding
    • House and maintain the official marketing onboarding checklist
    • Answer questions from new marketers

    Place Audience:

    Visible to all Jivers but serves new marketers and their managers


    Program Owner/Lead/Community Manager for this place:

    [Program owner]

    Content strategy:

    • Marketing onboarding checklist is housed and maintained here. Users are guided to create their own copy of the checklist to track progress of their onboarding activities.
    • Place will be monitored for questions.

    Integration used:

    • None

    Features used:

    • Create Copy
    • Templates using native Jive document
    • Pages and Tiles



    Additional Screen captures

    Onboarding page 1

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    Onboarding page 2

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