Interactive Intranet Profile at Jive:  Corporate Communications and News

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    Interactive Intranet Profile - Corporate Communications and News

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    Marketing, Corporate



    • Corporate Communications: We showcase all important company press releases, corporate blog editorial calendars, internal communication programs (including management of News) and thought leadership strategy.
    • News:  We provide corporate updates, CEO and other leadership blogs, product update, HR update and audience targeted Department and Office updates.



    • Maintain the latest most relevant news/content for the right audience
    • Showcase corporate press release , company blogs and daily media activities
    • Educate employees on internal communication programs and processes


    Place Audience:

    All Jive employees


    Program Manager/Lead for this place:

    [Enterprise Community Manager]

    Content strategy:

    • News Page: Leadership Blogs, Product News and Brewspace Highlight Streams Explained
    • News Stream Configuration
    • Daily Media coverage report

    Integration used:

    StreamOne, RSS Stream Integration to notify internal employees on key assets published to website

    Features used:

    Create Copy

    Templates using native Jive document

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