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    The newly designed Creative Services Requests page brought a clean, user-friendly interface for our internal clients who seek creative and content development from our team.  With the easy to use and attention grabbing visual icons, it's easy for users to take action and to differentiate between three types of creative briefs. Self-serve resources are also prominently displayed on our homepage, allowing internal clients help themselves with information that already exists.  We look forward to using this new interface and also appreciate the google doc integration, which allows us to stay within Jive when adjusting external information.




    Place Purpose:

    • Introduce the creative process and the team at Jive
    • Submit a creative request including full creative brief, speed round brief, and email editing
    • Check on the latest project status


    Place Audience:

    Marketers and other internal employees who need creative assets including writing, photography, graphic design, concept design.


    Community Managers for this place:

    [Program owner/community manager name]

    Content strategy:

    Maintain 3 different types of request briefs within the Creative Services Request Place

    Monitor questions

    Integration used:

    Google integration to manage the project queue in Google Spreadsheet

    Features used:

    Create Copy

    Templates using native Jive document

    Pages and Tiles



    Additional Screen captures