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    Interactive Intranet Profile - Growth Marketing and CMR Program Center

    Growth Marketing and CMR Program Center

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    Place Purpose:

    • Introduce the Growth Marketing Program and Team
    • Submit a Marketo campaign request.  The team use Marketo and Smart Sheet to manage their email campaign requests.  End users are encouraged to come to space to create a front end brief sheet for each campaign request, which will be use as a primary collaboration method to collaborate around a campaign in Brewspace.
    • Check on the latest campaign status

    Content strategy:

    Maintain the briefs within The specified item was not found.

    Moderate questions


    Place Audience:

    Marketers and other internal employees who need marketing campaign automation.


    Program Manager/Lead for this place:

    Soila Pertet, The specified item was not found.

    Content strategy:

    Maintain the various request briefs (Jive native document turned templates)

    Moderate questions

    Integration used:

    Linkages to Smart Sheet forms and project queues

    Features used:

    Create Copy

    Templates using native Jive document

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