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    Hello everyone!


    Sending my thanks to Jive and NetApp for hosting a great event last week!


    Here are some notes from the NetApp and SAP presentations that I shared with community folks back at my company - hope they are of use to you:


    NetApp External  Community

    Presented by Navneet Grewal


    1. Help drive member engagement  with:


        * Solutions contests: promote innovation and healthy  competition. Get members to think about the products in creative  ways.

        * Ask members: what is the coolest thing you have built  on our platform? Again promoting innovation and helping the company see new  opportunities

        * Ask the Experts: Publicize a specific time period when  members can interact with a specific product expert.

        * Featured Member Rewards: Highlight top  contributors

        * Promote other company resources, such as webinars,  whitepapers, other events (this is already taking place on Protect 724 in the  Resources space)

        * Promote the community in all outbound marketing and  communications; constantly drive back to the community. Community is key in  creating integrated outbound marketing

        * Collaborative workspaces: Create private workspaces for  specific customer groups, or for customers to interface with their account  team



    2. It taks a community to build a  community

    NetApp found it very useful to have community program  managers in different functional areas and skill sets in order to drive programs  and build relationships. Cross-functional program management is more effective  than having the management responsibility within a single department. Each  member knows how to perform the same functions within the community, and also  bring more specialized skills to the table.

    NetApp Internal Community

    Presented by Francesca Karpel


    1. How to encourage employees to participate and  contribute

    Help employees see things in a broader way. Each person has  something to contribute, no matter the role. Technical folks can help business  folks understand/see things in a broader way, and vice  versa.


    2. Major change takes time and practice

    Adoption and usage grow over time. One must be patient.

    During the roundtable discussion, one Jive customer said,  "You cannot tell a tree how fast to grow. But a community manager's job is to  nurture the garden and be ready to provide what is needed for  growth."


    3. Executive support is key

    If executives are excited about the community and are  actively participating, this will trickle down.

    Also, leverage the executive communication team in building  content. The executive communication team can help with ghostwriting content and  utilizing their relationships with the execs.


    One NetApp executive used a poll in the internal community  to make an investment decision. He directed all of the department staff to vote,  and was able to see reports on how many voted yes, how many no, how many 'needed  more info in order to decide,' who voted, when they voted, etc. The response  rate to the poll was extremely high. Staff members understood this was an  opportunity to directly influence an important decision that would affect  them.


    4. Cultivate relationships. PEOPLE make community  happen

    Adoption is driven by what the users need and want, not by  features or goals pushed down to them. Give users what they need and want, and  they will use it.

    SAP Collaboration Workspace and  Docupedia

    Presented by Aaron Williams


    1. Project owners manage their own spaces. This allows  the community (site) management team to be  small


    2. Private  collaboration

    There is a public community open to all, and private  collaboration workspaces that allow customers or partners to collaborate with  SAP Development in order to build products  together.

    Tiered structure to the private workspaces: Platinum  customers get more account resources dedicated,  etc.

    The private workspaces replaced the need for SAP  account team to travel to customer/partner sites to collaborate. Great cost  savings, time/regional barriers reduced.


    3. Docupedia

    SAP has tens of thousands of pages of documentation. Users  can find errors/enhancements much faster - why not allow them to help with  updating the documentation.

    Loaded all the documentation into the Jive platform. At  first allowed a select group of the 'super smart' customers to edit the  documentation, then expanded to a larger group. I wish this speaker had not been crunched for time - he did not have time to demo.