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    I have been trying to capture the overall more strategic pro's and con's of transitioning an external (open) community (on cloud) from an Overview (widgets) theme to a Page (tiles) theme. At the same time we are evaluating moving from Bunchball to JIVE Rewards - which is more tile friendly.


    Thank you to Jennifer Kelley and participants of the latest Ask a Consultant call as well as all the great documentation and webinar (Selin Korustan  in the JIVE community.


    I would appreciate any assistance.


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    Pro's For Transitioning to Pages / Tiles
    Con's for Transitioning to Pages / TilesComments
    JIVE Strategy/ RoadmapJIVE iterating & building on the Tile Framework (each update will include Tile enhancements)
    • JIVE is not building on the Overview / Widget Framework
    • New customers have the overview pages disabled (so in essence they don’t know about it)
    MobileResponsive, Mobile FriendlyWidgets are not responsive & mobile friendly
    APIAllows for easy integration with API's.
    UpgradesProvides an upgrade-safe framework for add ons and custom tiles, which is easier for upgrades and reduces costs.Some legacy customizations are limited / not possible or may need to be converted to the tile and add-on framework on Cloud.
    Layout & Visual DesignAbility to more fully control layout and visual designHome Pages on External Communities that have transitioned to pages still  tend to still be Overview due to branding / graphics (although designed to have a type of tile feel)
    Tile & Widget ComparisonWith 2015.3 onward the parity from widgets to tiles closed the gap significantly, and in some cases tile functionality is starting to outpace widgets Widget and Tile Comparison Grid for Cloud (2016.3)
    • Currently no tile for full blog view.
    • Isnn't a way to show content and activity from a child space (subspace) on the parent space (Could use superlist - one for each subspace)
    Waiting for 2016.2 Updated Matrix
    Drag & Drop Current limitations on drag/drop functionality.  A lot of people like this convention In future releases Jive will look to bring more of this back to tile pages.
    Infrastructure DesignPages / Tiles make it possible to flatten out the infrastructure – you can have different sets of content all within the same space structure.  It make make it easier for users to follow and participate in certain conversations or topics without as many clicks & pages could eliminate the need for subspaces & therefore eliminate the need for tiles that can't show activity from sub-spaces. Current limitation to 5 pages Widgets/overview pages do not offer this option.
    Gamification (JIVE rewards vs Bunchball)JIVE iterating & building on JIVE REWARDS with each release.JIVE rewards is not widget compatible
    IdeationLack of idea tiles