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    There have been several customers wanting to know more about how I've used Jive Rewards and how I made the decision to use Rewards instead of Bunchball gamification for the MapR community. We are also using Jive Rewards at Commvault where I now work (jive-n cloud community).


    I'm meeting with Judi Cardinal and Ben Fowler to have an open-ended discussion about Rewards and others are welcome to join in.


    WHEN: Thursday, July 21

    11am PT / 1pm CT / 2pm ET


    Respond to this document if you plan to attend and post any topics/questions you want to cover.


    I need a volunteer to take notes and post them here after the call.


    Members of these groups may be interested in joining us:

    Jive Gamification User Group

    Jive Internal Communities

    Jive External Communities

    Cloud Customers User Group





    Jive Rewards or Bunchball Gamification? Pros and Cons

    • Rewards
      • PROS
        • No additional cost!
        • Rewards activity is incorporated into activity streams (Social News)
        • Easy admin console
        • Limited functionality so easier to manage with small community teams or teams of one
        • Community members can give each other user badges
        • Quest tiles can be added to pages
      • CONS
        • Not as robust as Bunchball
        • Early in its development so difficult to drive user behavior due to the way it is designed (Example: Quests that admins create are community-wide, not place specific)
        • Rewards notifications go into the Inbox notifications along with invitations to groups, so users often miss invitations to groups
          • Adds a lot of noise to inbox for active community users
          • With 2016.2, badges now go directly to the inbox (not sure if this is for all Rewards notification or just actual user badges that are given out)
        • Difficult to describe to users who care a lot about gamification.

    Rewards - All Activity.PNG


    User Badges

    user badges - rewards.PNG



    quest tile.PNG


    Jive Rewards High Level Overview


    rewards console.PNG



    • Events -- assign points to activities that people do in Jive
    • Strategies -- built by Jive
      • Can be limited to a particular space but then they are disabled for all other spaces
    • Quests
      • Onboarding is an out-of-the-box quest that you can customize
      • You create your own quests (they aren't repeatable)



    • There is a bug that prevents the ability to disable a user from being part of the game (such as a community manager). -- Haven't checked if fixed in 2016.2
    • Event points are not given out unless that invite is included in a Strategy this is enabled.
      • There are some events which are not included in any Strategy, therefore points will never be awarded for that particular activity.  See: Rewards Quest/Event Matrix
        • The following events are not part of any strategy quests so users can NEVER get points for these actions (I haven't checked this recently to confirm that this is still true):

          • Your content was marked as final
          • Your content was marked as outdated
          • Follow a place
          • Your content was marked as a decision
          • Upload a profile image
          • Your content was marked as official
          • Your content was marked as a reserved
          • Your content was marked as a success
          • Custom event
          • Your content was marked for action
          • Give a user badge
        • which means that in order for points to be given repeatedly for these events, the events need to be repeatedly included in custom quests.  So for instance if I want to give points for every time a user has content marked as a success, I need to create a whole lot of custom quests which include that event, and the user gets a badge each time the event happens.

    • Quests are for the whole community, not just for a particular space or group which means you can't drive stakeholder-specific user behavior by space.
      • For example, I want to encourage community members who are taking on-demand training classes to extend their learning into the community by participating in course discussions. I would like to create a 'Lifelong Learner' badge connected to a quest that looks for comments on particular discussions in the Academy space. This isn't possible because comments on all discussions will count in the quest
    • Custom quests do not award points for the activities (Events) within them, only for the overall quest upon completion
    • You can't add help information to quests to tell users how to actually do the thing you are telling them to do.  If I tell people to add an avatar or photo, I'd like to be able to link to the help document that tells them how to do this.
    • Rewards users are not connected tightly to Jive admin console users. When a user gets deleted in Jive, they still appear in the players list.  -- haven't checked this recently so may not be true anymore.


    2016.2 Enhancements

    Rewards - 2016.2 Deep Dive


    Roadmap Items

    From Mor Avital in a comment in Rewards - 2016.2 Deep Dive


    We have fixed a ton of bugs in this release, and are still working right now to fix as many more as we can by the time we GA. I know we won't get them all, but we'll do as much as we can and continue to work on it. I'm not sure I can get release notes together for all the bugs fixed, but if you know of any that you encountered and would like to check on please let me know and I'll follow up on them.


    Regarding Dennis Pearce's feedback, we have the following things on the (hopefully very near term) roadmap:

    1. Clean up all events to make sure that every logical event is captured in a mission/quest somewhere and you can get points for them. There are some events that won't make sense in the missions, but that you can create quests for in a logical way, and we may leave those at the discretion of the admin. But a general cleanup is in order for several reasons, this is one of them.
    2. We want to introduce the concept of Repeating Quests. Specifically to address the need outlined above, where you want to give points/badges for a single event that happens multiple times. You'd set up a Repeating Quest for "have your content liked by others", and define levels for it. Each level would be associated with the number of times that event had to occur, and the user would earn points and a badge for each level achieved.  So it would look something like this
      1. Repeating Quest: Have your content liked by others
        1. Level one - 1 time (1st badge)
        2. Level two - 5 times (2nd badge)
        3. Level three - 20 times (3rd badge)
        4. etc...