Version 7

    Issue Summary

    There is a known issue, JIVE-74443 for Jive-x and JIVE-74820 for Jive-n, that has been identified in the recent version of Jive Cloud 2016.2, where people will incorrectly see the left sidebar on the homepage, which includes links to the Inbox, Your View, Actions, and Get Started.  Some sites may have their Jive instance configured to normally hide this sidebar and instead display widgets in the full widget of the browser.


    Homepage with the sidebar

    Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 8.46.44 AM.png


    Homepage without the sidebar

    Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 8.39.24 AM.png



    An admin can temporarily work around this bug by creating a new redirect rule to change what page a person is taken to when they go to the homepage.


    1. Go to Admin Console: System > Settings > Redirection Rules
    2. Put your base Jive URL into the Input URL field (e.g. Note: Be sure to include the '/' character at the end of the URL
    3. Add "/welcome" to the end of your base Jive URL and put it into the Output URL field (e.g.
    4. Click Save


    Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 8.37.32 AM.png


    Once JIVE-74443 and JIVE-74820 is fixed you will want to remove this temporary redirect rule in the admin console.  Follow this document in your inbox to be alerted for when this is fixed.