Version 1

    A leveling system should follow a gradual arc which increases in difficulty as the levels progress. Early levels should be easily achievable to onboard users into the leveling system and as levels increase the gap between them should increase in distance and so difficulty to achieve.



    Level NumberName
    Artwork (100x100)
    1Level 1100
    2Level 2200
    3Level 3400
    4Level 4700
    5Level 51000
    6Level 61400
    7Level 72000
    8Level 83000
    9Level 94500
    10Level 107000



    This is an initial recommendation for a leveling system but it should be reviewed and altered if required based on the activity in the community. For example if users are progressing quickly through the levels due to heavy activity then increase the gaps to slow progress.


    The points here should take into account the value of any missions you create. For example, if correctly answering a question is worth 400 points, that is ineffective because it completely bypasses levels 1 and 2 so keep the value of missions in mind when creating a leveling system.