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    Getting Started Guide - Creating and Administering A Group


    So you have finally decided to take the plunge and "Try Jive" or maybe just "Buy Jive"? Whatever the case, I'm sure you have lots of questions and maybe, just maybe you are having a hard time tracking down that pesky Sales Rep of yours to find the answers. Well, have no fear, Jive's trusty 'ole Sales Engineers have formed a super simple "Getting Started" Guide that can get you almost everything you need to dive right in and get started.  Or in the very least, get you by until that Sales Rep of yours gets off the golf course and gives you a call back. Sigh.


    If you managed to get as far as spinning up a trial site (impressive!), some of the first question(s) you might have are:


    1. Who the heck are all these People? I recognize absolutely NONE of them except maybe Bill from IT and I don't even like him.
    2. Why is there a whole bunch of random content that I most certainly did not create? Did you accidentally invite me into some other prospects trial instance? Can I say security breach?
    3. Where is this simple "drag and drop" home page that my Sales Engineer kept talking about? This landing page looks NOTHING like what I saw in the demo. Was that just all smoke and mirrors?
    4. How do I get rid of all that Jive branding? I have very specific branding guidelines and that simple blue bar with that funny looking Jive logo is NOT going to cut it. No one (outside of the Bay Area) even knows what Jive is anyway.


    While 3 and 4 are a conversation (document) all on their own, we can cover 1 and 2 pretty quickly here in our prologue. You see, when we (Jive) first started offering these "try jive"'s almost everyone of our prospects complained that an empty trial just wouldn't cut it. They felt it would be too daunting of a task to create new content to test out all of Jives cool "bells and whistles" and as a result, they weren't going to bother and would instead just pass us by.


    Because Jive is always looking to take the feedback from our prospects and improve on our process/processes, we listened, and several months ago started offering a new and improved "try jive" complete with a bunch of super fancy dummy data (content and people) that took a bunch of highly paid real Engineers a long time to create.


    Fast forward to the present, and the the first thing we here (repeatedly) from you all (our devoted prospects) is that you want us to get rid of all this "data" because it is "irrelevant" and "confusing to our users". Sometimes you just can't win for losing.


    So yeah, as a result of this indecisiveness, fence-sitting, shilly-shallying, or how do you say, 'arrière-pensée' I am just going to lay it out there that we do not offer an amazingly simple "one-click" solution to rid yourself forever of that blasted Scott Jacobs, loquacious Vanessa Gray and sycophant Bill Jackson (and all their little friends). No, instead I will just show you how we, the Sales Engineering team, would do it, IF it were something that you insisted on us solving for you.


    That being said, one may want to attempt to stay in our (your faithful Sales Engineer's) good graces (we are after all as close as you will get to a friend and/or advocate in this merciless Sales process) you might want to just give it a go is after all, that simple.


    Or just ignore it for the time being knowing that it will all magically disappear when you ultimately buy Jive. <smile>


    Navigate to the Admin Console by selecting the toggle next to your Avatar.




    Then select Advanced Settings to get (out) of the Simplified Admin Console and into the Advanced Admin Console.



    In the Admin Console, Navigate to People. For each person (yes, monotonous, I agree) click the option for Delete. (Not Deactivate. We want those users GONE forever right?!) Adios. Sayonara. Auf Weidersehn. (Jive is multi-lingual after all).



    This will present you a Warning Screen showing you how many content items/Projects/etc. are leaving alongside the deleted individual. Since you don't want stuff cluttering up your precious instance, you should be all good just clicking Delete User.



    Now we also created some Places (Spaces/Folders/Topic Areas) in the Try Jive. If you would like those to go away as well, navigate to Spaces, select each "Space" and click Delete.



    Finally delete any Social Groups. Navigate to http://<try jive url>/places. Then select Groups.



    Select each Social Group. Click on the Manage "gear". Then select Delete Group.



    At this point every person, place and piece of content should no longer be a part of your trial site. You now have an empty shell of a trial. A trial that once was fun and full of life is now completely barren. Hopefully this is what you wanted because there is no going back now. Not ever.


    And on that note, we have finally (luckily?) reached the end of our Prologue. If you have made it this far, you are ready for the big time because next we are going to show you how to brand your site to reflect all your super important style guidelines. <another smile>