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    • Macro (see this in action): Embed videos in blogs, docs, or discussions

    • EmbedContent Macro: Embed into one document the content of another

    • SlideShare Macro: Display presentations in docs, blog posts, and discussions.

    • TaskList Macro: Generate and track a simple list of tasks with a check box for completion

    • YouTube Macro: Embed YouTube video into docs, blog posts, and discussions.

    • CSV Table Macro: Easily convert comma-separated lists into tables.

    • Vimeo Macro: Display Vimeo movies in documents, blog posts, and threads

    • User Stats Plugin: This widget displays the names of recently registered users.

    • RSS Macro: Displays the results of an RSS feed based on the feed's URL.

    • JiraIssues Macro: Display a custom (Flex-based) list of Jira Issues based on any Jira XML feed URL

    • Translations Macro: Use Google's translation engine to translate your Clearspace documents into other languages.

    • Translator Macro: Use Altavista's Babelfish translation engine to translate your Clearspace documents.

    • Google Maps Plugin: Maps the location of all bloggers, document authors, and discussion authors on a Google Map

    • Member Map Plugin: Displays the location of members of a community based on addresses.

    • Flickr Slideshow Macro: Display a flickr slideshow in blog post, document, or thread.

    • Yahoo Maps Plugin: Use yahoo maps in documents created in Clearspace to display a map of an address.

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