Version 8

    Or rather, the many, many options one has available to them as they construct their own "Home" Page. Confusing? Of course. Why else would we sell services?


    When you (finally) access your "Try Jive", you are presented with a uh, a pretty vanilla landing page. (We covered the "dummy" content/people aspect here so we can leave that alone for now.) While this works for some, like my husband, who cares little about design and only about function;  (ex. "What is the point of throw pillows anyway?! They serve absolutely NO purpose.") it does not work for all. As in those of use who actually understand that a couch, or a bed, or a window seat, or an outdoor patio set without a variety of brightly colored throw pillows adorned in sequins are just merely, a couch, a bed, a seat or a patio set and most definitely NOT an acceptable way to live.


    Did I digress? Anyway, what we will focus on in this document is the concept of a News Home Page (like the one on the left) vs. a more Traditional Overview Home Page (like the one on the right).



    *** Please be advised that the opinions shared in this Document are purely my own and not necessarily the same ones you would get if you were to ask another Jiver or a Customer. We are all our own unique snowflakes and perhaps my snowflake might fall just a little farther a field than most but it will still make you a decent snowman and at the end of the day isn't that all we are really looking for? ***


    The News Page


    Or rather what you get (by default) in the "Try Jive", for better or worse. The News Page is the "new" way of doing things and something Jive really wants you to embrace. When we first introduced it I was totally against it (if only you could see the conversations I started on our own internal instance of Jive!) but it has come a long way and I'm coming to accept (albeit slightly begrudgingly).


    The News Page uses Tiles. Tiles are fully "responsive".  This means that they will render correctly through a mobile browser. That is a "pro", unless you consider the fact that most of us just access our internal instance of Jive via the Native Mobile App (free with purchase and available on iOS and Android). But alas, if you happen to use a Windows phone or are still holding onto a Blackberry (like my dad) that responsive UI might still be super important to you. (not poking fun, just stating a fact)


    There are (admittedly) some super cool looking Tiles (Expandable Sections, Super List, Image Gallery and Carousel) but there are some limitations to using them as well. For one, there are not as many "layout" options. Secondly, in my opinion, Tiles do not have as many "dynamic list" options (or the option for a Formatted Text Tile which many customers ask for). For a fairly complete list of what exists in Tiles vs. Widgets check out this document


    Anyway, to configure the News Page that is available to you in the "Try Jive", first select the "edit" pencil to the right of News.



    The News page does not give you an option for Layout, it just is what it is. You do have two options to add to that first horizontal area. A Banner Tile (you upload a picture, it stretches it across the screen) or an HTML Tile (you add your own custom HTML).


    There is the option to Configure or Delete any tile that is already on the screen with the icons I have circled. There is also the option to Add a tile on the far right column. Let's explore that option. Click on Add a tile.



    There are several Categories for Tiles. Navigate through the various Categories and then select any Tile you would like to add. Play around with these as they all have different configuration options. The HTML Tile under External Add Ons will give you the option to add custom HTML. The Ask a Question Tile under Support gives you a pretty cool 'type ahead search' question asking option. The Leaderboard Tile under Lists - Dynamic give you a Jive Rewards Leader Board which is great for driving engagement (since we are all competitive and if we see our peers on that list, we want to participate to get our name up there as well).



    When you have finished adding your Tiles, you can select Publish Layout OR you can work on creating News Streams or Personalized Rules to push content to users based on various profile attributes or Group membership.


    The Personalized News Page


    Another "perk" with News is that you have the option to create rules and streams. Rules allow you (the Administrator) to essentially auto-subscribe certain groups of users to certain pieces of content (within reason) or to create a Personalized Landing Page. (Because I am part of the Sales Team and work in the Palo Alto office, I see a combination of Corporate/Executive Level Communication, Sales and PA-related information when I log in. Now, you don't have a ton of control (as an Admin) in regards to how it is displayed. Sorry, that algorithm is either Jive secret or magic. I'm not altogether sure.


    To set up some streams for your instance, navigate to the News Streams section of the News page. You will see that there are two Streams already, Company News (an "Everyone" stream) and Department News (a "Specific User" stream). It might be obvious, but just in case it isn't, Everyone Streams are seen by all users, Specific User Streams are for only certain groups of users.


    You do have the option to remove either of the two streams or to modify them. Click on the Company News stream. You will see that in the trial it isn't configured to show much of anything. If you wanted to select a Place or Blog to show to "Everyone", select the little purple icon (circled) to browse to one or many Places/Blogs. Pick as many as you would like (everyone to see).


    If you turn the Notify Users option to On, each time that content is posted to one of your designated Places, EVERYONE will get a notification in their Social Inbox, and (unless they have changed it) their Email. This may or may not be a good thing. I'll leave that one up to you.


    If you wanted to Delete the Stream, just click Delete News Stream. When you are done, Click Save.



    Now we are going to Edit/Create rules inside of a "Specific Users" stream. Click on the Department News stream.


    You can create multiple Stream Rules inside the Stream. For example. a rule called "Human Resources" might send all members of the HR team HR related content; a rule called "Sales", would send all members of the Sales team Sales content.  Click Create Stream Rule.



    Select the Place/Blog(s) you want to be viewed with this rule. You can click on the purple icon to browse through all the existing content. Click on Create profile filter to select the Group of users.



    You are presented with all the options for segmenting your users. You can segment by Department, Hire Date, Location, Title.... food? Uh, clearly someone thought they were being funny. Anyway, select HR. Then Done.



    Click Save to create your rule in Department News.



    If you would like to create additional rules (for the other departments) click Create Stream Rule and follow the same steps again (and again and again depending on your number of departments). Then click Save.



    You have now created a Personalized News Page for your Home Page and it is fully mobile responsive. Sweet.


    The Overview Page


    But there is more.  If you are not totally satisfied with the options available to you with the News Page because you were hoping for a more complicated layout option OR a plethora of widgets, have no fear, Jive has you covered. While we don't make it very obvious in our "Try Jive" environment (or even when you become a Jive customer for that matter), we do still offer an option for a simple, drag-and-drop, "old school" looking home page and I am its biggest fan. I LOVE YOU SUPER SIMPLE DRAG AND DROP HOMEPAGE!!




    So to enable this little gem, you will need to visit the Admin Console. Navigate to the Admin Console via your Avatar. Select the option in the lower right for Advanced Settings.



    Navigate to System -> Settings --> Home Page. Make sure both boxes are checked and click Save. Now you have a traditional Home Page and a News Page. The best of all worlds.


    To configure your Overview Page, navigate to your Avatar and select Overview Page from the resulting drop down.



    You are presented with several options in regards to layout. Once you select a layout, you can navigate through the widgets and "drag and drop" them onto the page. A couple widgets that I wanted to point out are the HTML widget and the Formatted Text widget. This is what you can use to create any kind of custom design on your Overview page.



    Once you have finished customizing your Overview page you can click Publish Layout.


    You now have a "traditional" Overview page (Home) and a "personalized" News page (News) as part of your top navigation.