Wiki-Based Mashups

Version 1

    Clearspace is such a breadth of fresh air from the old COI-based portal systems.  I would love to see a plug-in or "baked-in" functionality for wiki-based mashups.  My team and I have been developing a system for the federal government around Web 2.0 concepts and hope to be using Clearspace Communities as the foundation.  The only gap in the technology I really see is the fact that one of our requirements to have a mash-up that is built on top of a Wiki engine.  BEA has a product called Pages and IBM has a beta product called QED Wiki.  Both are examples.  Pages does it a little better in my opinion; however, it still too tightly coupled with the legacy ALUI (Plumtree) portal.  There are a few "open source" initiatives around this space, but this tool seems a perfect fit for Clearspace.  Somewhere in-between a Wiki or Google Apps and WSO2's Mashup server.