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    With over 70 attendees, the July 28, 2016 NYC User Group Meeting | Thursday, July 28, 2016 was the largest Jive software users group of 2016. It was held at the offices of Medidata Solutions. It was also the second users group hosted at Medidata (The first being  NY/NJ User Group, June 18, 2015 ).



    Nik Edmiidz  - Medidata Solutions- Host/Coorganizer

    Dori Gray - Medidata Solutions- Coorganizer/Presenter

    Becky Leung  - Jive Software  - Event Planner

    Alan Lewis  - JCS Consulting Group, Inc. - Sponsor / Presenter

    Selin Korustan - Jive Software - Presenter

    Gary Lungarini  - Social Edge - Presenter

    Edward Ford - Verizon - Presenter


    Intro video with Nik Edmiidz - Why A July Users Group Meeting? (17 minutes)Part 1 video with Selin Korustan  and Gary Lungarini  on  "Tiles Best Practices " and "Best Practices: Moving to Jive Rewards” (52 minutes)
    Part 2 video with Edward Ford  and Alan Lewis  on "Community Strategies in Crisis" and "External Communities" (52 minutes)Dori Gray gives a hilarious description of an anonymous Q&A and Coffee Talk as an example of an organization in a transition towards more open communication.   (15 minutes)