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    Job offer application documents to be sent to with a CV and motivation letter.


    Title: KIC InnoEnergy Online Community Manager


    About the KIC InnoEnergy community

    In 2014, the number of people involved in KIC InnoEnergy activities are around 2500, belonging to

    different institutions, having different employers, belonging to different nationalities, cultures and

    backgrounds… but all of them have a commonality: they bring value, in their own right, to the

    evolution of the energy system European and worldwide, whether they are working 100% for KIC

    InnoEnergy activities, or not.

    Those 2500 people, and the more to come as we expand and grow, will have a life career, change

    jobs, change seniority, be CEOs or technicians, be students or entrepreneurs or executives or

    researchers, be directly involved or not in KIC activities, but in any place or in any role or in any

    responsibility they will be contributors to the evolution of the energy system. This is and will be the

    key asset of KIC InnoEnergy.

    In 2016, major achievements consisted in implementation of community events such as the speaker

    series, the AlumniUnite and others in order to have places where the different community members

    have the chance to create business opportunities and to increase their loyalty towards KIC

    InnoEnergy. Also community services in form of mentoring, training programs for further training and

    giving back to the community were offered. Furthermore, possibilities to contribute in the best of

    class, newly implemented online community are being launched at the end of the year

    For 2017, the main focus will be in scaling up the online community, creating engagement. The

    objectives are improving career offerings for community members, incentivize ideations and

    discussions in order to start or help startups / innovation projects. Moreover, the consolidation of

    continuous local community events via the help of community representatives and the main alumni

    event, AlumniUnite will help strengthen the loyalty via more tangible face-to-face interactions.



    1. Role & responsibilities of the KIC InnoEnergy Online Community Manager:

    Collaborating with many functions across different cultures including; students, entrepreneurs,

    innovators, operations personnel and other stakeholders, you will assist with the strategic and

    operational duties associated with creating, managing, and growing, engaged online communities.

     Manage the community platform (including business requirements gathering, training of

    admins and engagement creation), fostering participation and moderating contributions.

     Communication: Create emails, surveys, calendar, events, reporting

     Databases: Curate databases

     Supervise community social media. Manage platform analytics and reporting on KPIs



    2. Key Qualifications

    The KIC InnoEnergy Community Manager should ideally have several of the following competences and


     Experience with design, planning and implementation of communities

     Experience in communitiy platform management (especially JIVEx) and communication tools

     Experience with working with volunteers

     Marketing knowledge

     Events management



    And skills:

    1. Perfect fluency in English is a requirement, other European languages are an asset

    2. Excellent written and oral communication skills

    3. Ability to interact with people coming from different backgrounds, different professions, different cultures, different roles

    4. Strong project management

    5. Code of conduct/Values:



    The KIC InnoEnergy Community Manager should have most of the following values:

    Listener, Proactive, Transparent, Result oriented, Team player, Accurate, Enthusiastic, Trustworthy, Executive, Fostering a productive and positive working climate.




    Based in Barcelona, possibility to work from other locations with previously agreed terms

    Reporting Line to the KIC InnoEnergy Community Officer,



     Basic gross salary to be defined based on experience +10% bonus

     Minimum of commitment: 15th of June 2017. Start as soon as possible from September 2016

     40 hours per week (can be arranged flexibly)