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    Job description


    This individual will be responsible for the strategy and management of Western Digital’s intranet on the Jive Platform (Connect) and Western Digital’s Digital Signage Program globally (ConnectTV). Western Digital is seeking a social-media savvy, self-directed, senior individual to champion the use of our internal communications and collaboration intranet using the Jive Platform. The Jive Platform is used to engage, inform and enable collaboration amongst our employees globally. The Jive community manager will develop and execute plans that optimize the use of the internal community, migrate three separate intranets onto the Jive platform, enable collaboration within teams, and enable employees to self-publish content to the platform using best practices. This individual leader will also be required to oversee the governance and editorial of our more than 300+ digital signage displays across the globe for reinforcement of key news and employee engagement messages.


    General Responsibilities:

    - Set strategy and drive the execution for the successful migration of three intranet systems onto a single Jive Platform.

    - Set strategy and drive the execution for the global implementation of digital signage on the Sedna system and editorial process.

    - Engage with each functional business group and country page and space owners to teach/train best practices for Jive and how to get the most value out of the community

    - Keep the Connect and ConnectTV home page fresh with news and engaging topics – which will require internal “surfing” for content

    - Help drive the weekly editorial calendar process inside the internal communications team to help create visibility for company news, executive blogs, and simultaneous postings on Connect and ConnectTV

    - Teach, train and develop training materials and host online and in person events that showcase the capabilities of the Jive Platform to employees

    - Mentor space/group community managers (people who publish content to their own pages) to help them optimize their respective social channels and implement best practices and groups

    - Write blog posts, help documents, training materials and more

    - Be a highly active written participant on the Jive Platform inside of HGST

    - Manage the change inside the groups

    - Design, develop and execute strategy for home page enhancements based on stakeholder input

    - Interface with IT to identify issues, track them through to resolution and implement community improvements

    - Define and set measurable goals and metrics for each major community

    - Evangelize, motivate and create excitement around community initiatives

    - Help define and enforce consistent governance policies

    - Stay current on the latest social trends for social media platforms at work



    - Experience setting social media collaboration strategy and executing on that strategy

    - Ability to develop, drive and execute program and project plans

    - Ability to advise and coach executives and employees on new software programs quickly and then teaching and   training others on how to use it

    - Author and deliver training and materials in clear and easy to understand terms

    - Continuous education about Jive community best practices, principles, concepts, and technologies

    - Hands-on and self-driven

    - Excellent organizational, written, verbal communication skills

    - Strong presentation skills

    - 10-15+ years project management experience

    - Ability to work collaboratively with a globally-distributed workforce

    - Ability to work across all functional organizations as well as levels

    - Basic UI/UX design knowledge

    - Multi-tasker who understands how to develop tactical plans that align with the company's strategy

    - This individual will be responsible for the strategy and management of Western Digital’s intranet on the Jive Platform


    FYI Selin Korustan, Claire Fletcher, Matt Gradin, Nimi Berman, Mike Klug