Version 2

    In this release of the Rewards platform we focused on features that will help increase user engagement, and awareness. We built on features previously introduced to help refine the experience and make it more relevant to your employees, customers, partners, etc.



    Rewards Email Badges.png





    The first of these feature updates is the ability to get email notifications for badges you received. In 2016.2 we added the ability to view badges received directly in your Inbox (instead of under the Notifications section). We're now rounding out this feature, and answering our customers' requests, by adding email notifications for these badges. Now in addition to seeing the badge in your Jive Inbox, you can choose to see it in your email inbox also. This brings a higher level of visibility to these important tokens of achievement and appreciation. Of course, if you would prefer not to receive email notifications for badges, you can control this in your User Preferences.










    Rewards Targeted Quests.gif

    The next feature update we focused on was the ability to create Targeted Quests. This new feature allows community managers to create targeted quests for their community members. This feature was initiated from customers' requests to provide on-boarding specific requests to new hires. From this the product team realized there was an opportunity to create more customized Reward Quests for any topic or use case. By leveraging the filterable profile fields of users, the community manager can create quests specifically for groups of people based on the demographic.  Our rich profiles allow our customers to build out multiple custom profile fields depending on each customer's needs, which can then be leveraged to create targeted quests for specific users. With more relevant quests personalized to their role and demographic, users will feel more engaged and have more personalized rewards!


    In your external community, this could be used to differentiate between different types of users. For example, the Partners in your community should create more content versus your Customers who should be encouraged to like or comment on content. Now you can create a quest that is targeted at your Partners only, and that includes such activities as creating documents and marking as official. Conversely, you can create customer-specific quests that will encourage customers to comment, like, and share content. Each set of users has a unique view on your community and should be awarded based on the activities you most want them to engage in.


    For your internal community, Targeted Quests can be used to onboard new employees in different departments based on what is most relevant to their roles. A new Sales person should follow different people and be aware of different content than a new Engineer. Outside the scope of onboarding, you can also use targeted quests to distinguish between employees in different locations, under different managers, or who have different skills. Each demographic of employees will see the quests that engage them the most closely.


    Targeted Quests will be included as part of the Premium Rewards package.


    As always, we welcome your feedback and look forward to hearing how you're using these new features. Please note that all comments made in this post will be publicly accessible after the release of 2016.3. If you have any questions or require any support please post in the Gamification, Engagement and Rewards space or your MyJive Group.