Version 14

    The Feed Your Blog plugin gives you the ability to have your Jive SBS / Clearspace instance periodically poll an RSS or Atom feed and have it post any new entries that it finds to a blog that you specify.


    Use Cases

    • You really want to see your external (public) corporate blog inside the internal Clearspace instance used by your employees instead of by having to go to your external community.

    • You post interesting stuff on your personal blog and you don't want to have to repost it to another Clearspace instance.



    The plugin uses Spring and DWR: it defines a DAO, a manager class and a DWR bean using the spring.xml plugin configuration file, the manager is injected with the DAO, the action and the DWR class are injected with the manager.


    The source is available in the SVN repository repo.



    Like most Clearspace plugins, you can install FeedBlog through the Admin console. Open the admin console and navigate to System > Plugins, then click Add Plugin and browse for your plugin JAR file.



    If you want to use it, click on 'Your Stuff' in the user bar and then click on 'Feed My Blog'. Enter in the URL for your feed, optionally choose to limit the posts that you want to show up in Clearspace using the include and exclude words and then click the 'add feed' button. After a maximum of 10 minutes (and assuming that you have entries in your feed), you should see blog posts on your blog.



    • Escaped HTML in content is not currently supported. Example: you write a blog post about some cool new HTML that you've written and you include a code block that has the HTML, naturally you escape the HTML. These posts will not display properly.

    • Currently only supports 50 characters in the include / exclude categories input boxes, need to increase this to 500.