About the Adoption Resource Center

Version 3

    Whether you are just getting started and figuring out how to set up a community that will attract and engage users, or launching and need help onboarding users and cultivating behavior changes, or you have a more mature community and need to optimize your program governance and community management, Jive provides our customers with access to enablement and best practices to help achieve and sustain success.


    The programs and materials listed below are available exclusively to Jive customers.  If your company is a current Jive customer (or partner) and you would like to request or confirm access to the Adoption Resource Center and other customer benefits, add your name to Are you a customer? Request customer-only access today



    1. Adoption Resource Center

    The Jive Professional Services team has created the Adoption Resource Center to provide Jive customers with self-service access to guidance and best practices. The Adoption Resource Center is a structured, on-demand library of recommended steps and reference guides related to building, launching, and managing a community or enterprise collaboration program.







    2. "Ask a Consultant" weekly office hours

    In addition to the library of content you'll find in the Adoption Resource Center, Jive Professional Services offers a weekly "Ask a Consultant" session. You get direct access to some of Jive's veteran consultants from Professional Services, where they will field your questions and adoption-related challenges and provide tips and tricks to help you work through your community questions and issues. Upcoming event listings and related Q&A can be found in the Adoption Resource Center.





    3. Professional Services best practices webinar series

    Every 6 weeks, the Jive Professional Services team hosts a live customer webinar where Jive strategy and implementation experts - and sometimes customer or partner guest speakers - share tips and tricks and answer questions on topics relating to building and managing your Jive community. Recordings are always available afterward. Past topics include gamification, configuring overview pages, News stream configuration, and SEO-related best practices.