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    Jive offers deep integration with storage providers, such as SharePoint online, Google Drive, Box and others, which allows you to work in Jive, while storing your files on the desired storage provider.

    With the 2016.3 update we are making usability improvements to improve the experience of using external storage integrations in Jive.


    The changes described here apply to all storage integrations.


    Quick link to the remote file

    We've made it easier to navigate from Jive to the your remote file directly from the file header, using the new "Open remote file".


    Before 2016.3 -

    the link to remote file is "hidden" inside the actions menu


    After 2016.3 -

    the link is presented directly in the content meta data bar.

    (and we kept the link under the actions menu)



    Expand mode

    You can now get eliminate the white space, and make the most out of your screen real-estate using the new "expand" button.






    Identity improvements

    Files created on the external storage provider got annotated with an "on behalf of" header to distinguish them from other content that was created natively in Jive.

    As part of the 2016.3 improvements, we've removed the "on behalf of" notation, making external files identity to behave like any any other content that is created directly in Jive.


    Before 2016.3 -

    Files created externally were shown as created by the integration and "on behalf of" the author.

    Some places, like the activity stream and the inbox only indicated the integration name.



    After 2016.3-

    Files created externally show up just like any other content/file created in Jive.

    This includes, but not limited to the inbox view, activity feed view and the document view





    Inline category assignment

    Setting categories has never been easier using the inline category assignment available directly in the document viewer page.

    This change is available on all document content types.



    Streamlined configuration

    Connecting a Jive place to an external storage provider requires, in most integrations, to go through an additional configuration frame, specific to the external storage you've selected.


    As part of the 2016.3 release, we have added an option for the integration developer to define if the configuration frame is required, or can default values be used.

    Marking the configuration as "not required", will not show the additional configuration frame.


    We will gradually update the Jive developed storage integration to use this capability, to make the connection flow much simpler.



    As always, your feed back is highly appreciated, please let us know what you think.

    Please note that all comments made in this post will be publicly accessible after the release of 2016.3.