Version 2

    The Jive Daily team never rests, and since we're not tied to Cloud releases for our updates, we release a new version of the app approximately every three weeks. Sometimes these updates have minor things, sometimes big flashy things, and always they push to improve the Daily experience and make it indispensable to employees of a Jive-n community.


    To that end, I wanted to highlight some of the key features that we've released since the 2016.2 Cloud update. You've likely seen most of these if you update Daily with each new release (and you do, don't you?) But for those who either haven't seen it or want a written summary, this blog is for you.


    For the past few months we've been focused on features that will increase adoption to drive product stickiness. This means that we've spent time looking at areas where the mobile experience wasn't as polished or robust as what a person could do in the web, and then enhancing that. You may not see the big flashy features that you've gotten used to, but you will see a collection of minor improvements that add up to a more refined and delightful experience.


    And now on to the good stuff:


    Daily_Create_Blog.pngCreating a blog post from Daily - When Daily was originally conceived, we didn't include blogs as part of the content you could create because we thought mobile wasn't really the place to write long form content. But now, with Daily connected to Jive-n and more customers rolling it out, we've been repeatedly asked for the ability to create blogs from within Daily.



    See blog posts in Content tab of Places - a minor but painful gap that we rectified. Up until this latest release, if you went to the Content tab of a Place you could see all content except blog posts. There was a technical reason for this, and now that we've addressed it you can see this important content in the Place.



    Enhancements to the video upload process - When you previously tried to upload a video, you were stuck on the video upload screen until the upload completed and could no longer use the app. If your connection was slow or your video large, this could take a while and caused frustration. We've made huge improvements here - you can continue to use the app while your video uploads, you can put the app in the background and the video will continue to upload, and you'll get notification once your video finishes uploading (or if it fails you'll be notified and be able to retry it).







    Mark as helpful - See a comment that is super helpful? Want to see how many people - and who they are - marked your comment as helpful? You can now do all that directly in Daily.



    Share to Daily from any app - Originally requested by a customer who wanted to push articles from the iOS News app into Daily, we expanded the request to include sharing info from any of your apps. Now you can capture information from anywhere and use it to start a discussion in Daily.



    Context for custom streams - When you've got lots of updates in your custom streams, and suddenly a document from a year ago pops to the top of the stream, it's not always obvious why. Now you'll see the reason - the document was edited or commented on, for example - as part of the stream update



    Enhanced support for external integrations - Got your group connected to a Twitter or Facebook feed? All your documents being stored on Office365? You can now see this more clearly in Daily, as well as link to the content from its original source for easier management.









    Alerts when you @mention someone who can't see content - Your question can only be answered if the right person can see it. Now when you're @mentioning someone as part of a piece of content, you'll get notified if they do not have access to see the content wherever it is.



    Improved handling of status updates - Another issue that was raised by customers, when images were posted as part of status updates Daily did not show all of them. Now when you create a status update with multiple images, you'll be able to see them all in the body of the status update in Daily.



    Showing @mentions of Places in streams - seems like a small thing, but was big to our customers who use @mentions to curate information and push it to their users' streams. In Jive-n when you @mention a Place, there is notification of that @mention that shows up in any stream that includes that Space. We're now showing the same thing in Jive Daily, to allow the content curation story to cross from the web platform into the mobile device. As Daily continues to push the envelope for a corporate communications app, you'll see more of this content curation use case featured in the work that we do.



    Streamlined UI and enhanced UX - a fancy way of saying that the app looks more polished, animations and transitions are smoother, and the overall user experience is more delightful. In a world where mobile users are quickly getting both more savvy and more demanding of their apps, we want to stand apart as the best of breed mobile experience. Little things like transition animations when moving from stream to post, or tapping on a user's profile picture. Visually powerful things like differentiating a comment on a piece of content so that it has better readability and context as you're scrolling through the page. These minor changes all add up to a noticeably better experience without too much change for the user.


    This isn't an exhaustive list of everything that's gone into the last few Daily releases, but gives you a taste of what we've been working on. We've also got a few other things planned for the 2016.3 release, or soon thereafter, so stay tuned for more!





    If you'd like to be notified of each new release of Jive Daily, and the features and bug fixes that are included in it, please follow the Jive Daily Release Notes document.


    As always, we welcome your feedback and look forward to hearing how you're using these new features. Please note that all comments made in this post will be publicly accessible after the release of 2016.3. If you have any questions or require any support please post in the [Archived] Jive Daily space or your MyJive Group.