Version 13

    This presentation provides a high level overview of configuring news streams for your cloud community.  News provides the ability to push relevant and important communications to targeted audiences throughout your community.  News is surfaced on the News page which can be set as your community's home landing page.  The news page is built on tiles which means it is mobile responsive making this a valuable part of your mobile strategy.


    The tiles on the News page can be configured by system administrators with Manage System or Manage News Streams permission by clicking on the Manage the News Page button next to the News link.

    edit news.png


    The tiles on the News page can be configured as displayed below.

    • The top tiles can have a Hero Banner or HTML tile
    • The tile above the News streams on the left can have the following tiles:
      • Banner (a nice graphical way to provide some Calls to Action or navigation)
      • Carousel
      • HTML
      • Image Gallery
      • Video (External)
      • Expandable Sections
      • Latest Blog Posts
      • Super List
      • Trending Content
      • Ask a Question
      • Quests
    • The full listing of available news page tiles available along with the which columns they can be used can be found in: News Page Tile Reference

    News config.png


    Check out the documentation links for some good guidance on configuring news streams.

    Jive-n Documentation:


    Additional resources availalbe in the community:


    Here are a few examples of publicly accessible communities utilizing News as the home page (Note: these are publicly accessible Jive communities):