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    Where can I find the v3 API docs?

    There are different v3 API docs for each major version of Jive:


    What version of the v3 API does my Jive site support?

    All supported versions of Jive come with v3 API support, although the specific version of the API will depend on what version of the Jive platform you are running. The v3 API system is updated as new versions of Jive are released.


    For example, Jive Cloud's API system may be at version 3.14, while Jive 8.0.3 is on 3.11.


    You can find out what version of v3 API your Jive site has by going to {yourJiveURL}/api/version on your Jive site.  Here is an example of what you may see:



    "version": 3,

    "revision": 11,

    "uri": "/api/core/v3",

    "documentation": ""



    On site site we can tell that the v3 APIs are running on version 3.11


    Is there a changelog for the API docs? What changed between versions?

    There is no changelog or release notes specific to v3 API.


    Nearly all changes to the API system are either made to fix issues for existing functionality, or to add support for new pieces of functionality.


    When looking through the API docs you may see some end points include a Since label. This label identifies the API version that the feature was added in.


    For example, the /deletedObjects end point was added in v3 API 3.12:

    Jive REST API v3.14 → DeletedObject service


    Is the v3 API backwards compatible?

    All minor updates to the v3 API are intended to be backwards compatible. This means that custom apps and features that make use of the 3.x API system are intended to continue to work in later version of the v3 API.  If you are seeing an issue caused by a newer version of the v3 API then please create a new support case in your MyJive support group.