Version 4
    ComponentProblem IDSeverityRelease Notes Title
    ContentContent: ModerationJIVE-75830S2Unauthorized error displayed to a Moderator for deleted ideas
    ContentContent: ModerationJIVE-75681S2Deleted ideas are not removed from moderation queue
    PeopleJIVE-74166S2V3 API: System Error when getting people/@all with Oracle DB and MSSQL
    ContentContent: TaggingRTEJIVE-71492S2Tags are not persisted when converting a discussion thread to a document
    ActivityActivity: NewsJIVE-71097S2News and News Stream display different pages: /news and /news?channel=news
    PeoplePeople: BrowsingJIVE-69594S2When using the API to follow a user, Hovercard and Following filter when browsing people do not show the followed user
    ContentCUSTOM-1816S2HTML5 viewer shows spinners instead of documents
    External StorageCUSTOM-1200S2Unable to get document preview when the binary file is stored in Google Drive
    PlacesCUSTOM-1199S2Can not create photoAlbum in external enviroment
    ContentCUSTOM-1166S2Exclude blogs that have no content from Google
    I18n & l10nWidgets / TilesCUSTOM-1149S2Image gallery tile is not internationalized
    RTECUSTOM-929S2Tables with merged cells display incorrectly
    ArchitectureCUSTOM-865S2"Get version usage graphs" doesn't work for Extended APIs plugin admin
    Document ConversionCUSTOM-712S1Turning on HTML5 Preview Feature in instances with large amounts of binary documents causes performance issues
    AuthenticationPeopleCUSTOM-694S2Admin Console: Federated user search filter doesn't work on sites connected to LDAP
    ContentCUSTOM-583S1Private Events become inaccessible to everyone if default Space permission groups are removed