Version 5

    If you are a new customer - or about to become one - welcome! Here is a quick check list to help you get started quickly.


    [  ]  First, gather your core team - the people who will coordinate the community roll out and program within your organization. If you would like assistance registering for the community, we are here to help! You can send an email to and we can help register your team and get everyone the correct access. For information about the registration process, see How to Join This Community and Get Customer-Only or Partner Access


    [  ]  Encourage your core team members to engage in this community both as a place to get enablement and to engage with Jive around your implementation and roll out.  To start, focus on these areas in particular - note you may not have access to all of them until you are properly brought onboard per step 1 above.

    • Your organization's secure "MyJive" support and enablement group. This is where you'll get access to your own Jive environment(s), ask questions or open cases specific to your environment(s), and work with Jive PS on implementation projects (if you have engaged them).
    • Jive Customer Hub  Here you'll find most customer-only announcements and updates, as well as previews for upcoming releases.  Make sure to "follow" this space to get notifications.
    • Jive Training. Get access to free user training videos, learn more about our paid platform training courses, and ask questions about training curriculum and scheduling. View video eLearning content from our past user conferences in JiveWorld365.
    • Quick Setup enablement in the Jive Adoption Resource Center. Access some self-guided enablement for Jive-n Cloud customers to help you prepare to set up your environment and plan your roll out.  Note: if you are engaging with Jive Professional Services your project team will work through all of these steps with you.
    • AureaWorks Community Help Contact the community manager and get started with helpful how-to docs and tips-and-tricks.


    [  ]  If you have contracted with Jive Professional Services or one of our implementation partners for your launch effort, connect with your project manager and schedule your kick off. He or she will help you through many of the above steps as well as outlining and coordinating schedule for the milestones and steps in your implementation or launch project.


    [  ]  (Optional) Introduce yourself and ask a question! We have fantastic peer-to-peer user communities for both The specified item was not found. and [ARCHIVE] Jive External Communities.


    If you are unsure or having trouble completing any of these steps, ask your account manager or post a question for our community managers in AureaWorks Community Help.