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    It was only 7 1/2 months ago at JiveWorld16 when we announced that Jive 9.0 will be available to customers this year. Over the past three quarters, we have been hard at work to follow through with our promise, and today we are so excited to announce that Jive 9 is now GA!


    Highlights of what's new in Jive 9


    The following are some of the key features that have been introduced with this release:


    Engagement Analytics

    Engagement2.png   Engagement1.png


    Get the detailed insight you need to drive community growth and success. Jive 9's new Engagement Analytics go beyond the usual adoption and activity metrics, providing visibility into the user interactions that drive community participation and performance. Community managers can actually see how different employee populations are connecting and collaborating, what parts of the community are working well, and what parts might need some additional attention to achieve their full potential.


    • User to User Interaction reports
      View team and group engagement to uncover behavioral silos and encourage teams to actively engage with the rest of the community. Community managers can do that while visualizing user interactions by job type, title, location, department, and other values to gauge the health and vibrancy of the community.


    • Engagement Index chart
      Review community engagement as well as user activity and watch how they change over time. Typically, organizations calculate community engagement based upon responses to visitor / employee surveys. With our new engagement index metric which uses activity data to measure engagement, it is very easy to track engagement without having to surface complex surveys that may reflect only a small part of the community or can even be misleading.


    Jive Daily


    Starting with Jive 9, Jive Daily is now a mobile app for Jive-n users. With Jive Daily, your employees can stay connected to your Jive-n company intranet or employee community no matter where they are. They can read the latest company news, follow personalized activity streams and get notifications on what's most important. They can even create, edit and share critical content, right from their smart phones. The following are some key functionality highlights that come with Jive Daily:

    • Inbox notifications
    • News feed & activity streams
    • Search people and places
    • View content and profiles
    • Vote on polls and ideas
    • RSVP to events
    • Links open app or prompt app install
    • Share external web content into Jive Daily
    • Search content
    • View key places, recently viewed, bookmarks
    • Create discussions, questions, status updates, messages, videos
    • Edit content and comments
    • Places and tiles view

    Jive Daily is available to all new and existing customers. Jive Daily will also be MDM/EMM compatibility, with support for Good, MobileIron and Airwatch. The MDM/EMM version of the Daily app are available to customers from the specific vendors app store





    Content Management

    Bulk Management

    With bulk content management, users can quickly and easily modify multiple pieces of content within a place. Bulk content management applies to all of these actions

    • Add categories and tags
    • Move or Delete
    • Set Outcomes


    User can also bulk upload multiple files, documents or photos all at once. Files are automatically named based on filenames, but you can change their names after you upload them. Users can also associate tags with the batch upload which will then apply to each individual file that is part of the batch. The bulk upload functionality makes it so much easier to create and manage image galleries in Jive. It also removes a lot of the friction involved in migrating over documents from another system


    Copy Document

    Documents now have a "Copy Document" action that will clone the title, body, and publishing information (place, category, tags) into a new piece of content. Documents can be copied as a new document, discussion, or blog post. This is a great way to make templates for others to use. This enables the following use cases:


    • Documents can be copied to different places if you want to push out a clean version and empty comments. This is great for posting release communications to different audiences such as customers and partners
    • You can also use a document as a template that can then be used again and again to easily recreate documents (think of processes in a company, or templates with agencies, etc.)
    • This feature can also be used for working privately with your team and then pushing out a clean copy to the support center or even as a blog post to the News stream
    • Copy document functionality enables ghost blogging where the ghostwriter authors the initial version. The publishing author does a copy-document on the initial version to publish it under their name.


    New Tiles

    Taking your feedback into consideration, we have made several general improvements to tiles, as well as adding a number of new tiles in Jive 9. The following list of tiles are brand new.

    Hero Tile

    A Hero tile spans the top of the News landing page, providing a large visual image enabling the display of custom text and URL information. Ideal for corporate communication and driving specific messaging as well as making the news page more compelling and interesting.

    Banner Tile

    Banner tiles provides a tighter, more styled presentation for a row of images. A banner tile is great for calls to action or linking to high profile content or places.

    Latest Blog Post Tile

    The latest blog post tile displays the most recent blogs posted to the community, blogs are displayed in a list view.

    'Super' List Tile

    The new "Super List" tile lets you present a filtered view of content, people, or places that will update dynamically. For example: if displaying a list based on a specific skill, the the list will update whenever new people get that skill!


    HTML Tile

    The HTML tile enables creation of a custom tile using HTML. It is available as an add-on that can be installed out of the box.


    Category Tile

    The new Categories tile lets you feature categories on place pages for simpler navigation and highlighting important content. This tile enables you to group content associated with specific tags.


    Tagged Content Tile

    The tagged content tile displays specific content with the appropriate tag. The content displays in list format and is sorted by recent activity and includes content type filters.


    News Enhancements

    We have delivered an even more compelling reading experience with a variety of new tiles for creating elegant and eye-catching layouts. With Jive 9 comes a cleaner, contextual and more engaging news landing page, which can also double-duty as your intranet or community landing page. This is accomplished with support for additional tiles, such as a full-width hero tile, a call to action tile located above the news feed, and more.

    Additional tiles can be added above News content as well as in the sidebar. Tiles added to the sidebar will remain across all stream views.


    News Stream Updates

    Users can now like articles from the News stream. Within a new stream, the body of a News item is no longer clickable, but the title is clickable and takes you directly to the item's page. Comments are clickable and take you to the top of the comments thread on the item's page. Also, system announcements now reliably show at the top of the News page.


    New and Enhanced Admin & Platform Capabilities

    Mixed Mode Authentication

    You want your employees to be an active part of your customer community, to establish relationships, represent the organization and be able to act as intermediaries. Yet you don't want to burden them with yet another username and password to log into the platform.

    Mixed mode authentication allows a Jive administrator to provide two modes of login for authenticating users out of the box (leverage your internal authentication systems for external communities).


    Simple Stream Integration

    The simple stream integration is a developer tool, available as an add-on (Free) for enabling information to be displayed in Jive from any (web hook supporting) third party application (which is being purchased separately). Once the add-on is installed, any group or project admin can add the stream to a group.

    An example of a great use case would be leveraging single stream integrations to ensure that when a server or cluster’s status changes, you get an activity in your group or notification in your inbox.

    The Simple Stream Integration Builder, available in the developer community can be used to tailor relevant activity to individual groups.

    More information is available at Developer: Introducing the Simple Stream Integr... |Jive Community.


    Flash Dependency Removal

    Jive is working on removing flash dependencies as we can so that our product can be used in a post-Flash world. With Jive 9, Flash has been removed and replaced with HTML in the following areas:

      • Video playback
      • Copy & paste
      • Document preview



    4 Years Support Model

    With Jive 9.0, customers get a full 4 years os support life, providing additional peace of mind, eliminating the need to purchase end-of-life extended support and giving our customers more time to plan future upgrades.