Version 4

    What order do I stop and start Jive services?

    If you have a need to do a complete restart of your Jive environment, it is important that you restart your services in the correct sequence in order to minimize any negative end user impact.


    The Jive Webapp services should always be the first services you stop and the last services you start.


    Once the Webapp services are down, you are free to restart any of the other Jive services. You can see an example list of the other Jive services below. When you are ready to start the webapp services back up, please ensure you start a single node first, wait up to 10 minutes for it to respond to http requests. After that, start the remaining webapps 20 seconds apart. This will prevent caching issues.


    If you do shut down or restart the other services while the WebApp service is running, like the Cache service or Search service, then your end users will likely begin to immediately see error messages and unexpected behavior.


    On-Premise Jive instances will likely have a collection of separate servers or services running at the same time:

    • Jive Core Webapp server(s)
    • Jive Cache server
    • Jive Activity Engine service (EAE)
    • Jive On-Premise Search service
    • Jive Document Conversion service
    • Jive Databases (Jive Core DB, EAE DB, Analytics DB)


    To understand the complete Jive system architecture and how to manage these please reference the Jive documentation.


    I'm a Jive Hosted or Jive Cloud customer. What do I do?


    Customer instances that are managed by Jive will always be restarted in the correct order to minimize any negative end user impact.