Version 2


    If you are using Jive Rewards for managing gamification, points, quests, and missions, then you may see an issue where the User Leaderboard report in Jive's Community Manager Reports (CMR) either show incorrect points or won't display at all.


    Screen Shot 2016-11-18 at 10.07.02 AM.png


    The User Leaderboard report within CMR only reports a user's Status Level points. Jive Rewards is Jive's newest gamification and points management offering, which is intended to replace Jive's older Status Level points system. Unfortunately the CMR User Leaderboard report is not able to report against Jive Rewards activity, so this specific report is no longer functional for sites configured to use Jive Rewards. The report will report against an old and incorrect data set.


    If you wish to report on Jive Rewards activity, it is best to go to the Rewards Console, or look through your user profile and see the the Rewards leaderboards.



    • Applies to Jive Cloud (as of November 2015)