Version 3

    Follow-up events:

    Best Practices Webinar: Migrating to Jive Rewards (December 7, 2016)

    Attendees: largely internal, mostly young (<1yr-2yrs)


    Examples of External Communities with Gamification relevant to company culture:

    Welcome |THWACK

    Space: Topliners | Oracle Community

    Welcome | EngineerZone (Lisa Allison's community at Analog)


    (IDEA) Look for opportunities to tie internal (employee) and external (customer)


    Examples of Internal Communities with Gamification

    Medidata's Presentation and Notes -- NY/NJ User Group, June 18, 2015 (MediFaces - flash card game for learning and remembering faces/roles of fellow employees)


    *Tie to Advocate Strategy / Champions Program


    Gamification: drive desired behaviors... so, what are your desired behaviors?

    1. Desired Behaviors
    2. Audience/Culture (personas / player types - sentiment, goals & objectives, influences, activities -- what would resonate with users?)
    3. Available Rewards (points, gift cards, swag, access, etc.)
    4. Venue/System

    Action --> Behavior --> Reward


    WIIFM *what's in it for me?*


    Bartle Test:



    *Doesn't have to be a new behavior - could be amplification of existing behaviors

    *Doesn't have to be a long-term/recurring behavior - can be a short term/event specific behavior


    Behavior draw: closed/gated - idea of rarity and exclusivity


    Best Practice:

    Start with quick wins, then build upon that as they move up the path of growth and define the classifications of levels as something that resonates


    Pitfalls and Concerns: #1 = doing something for the sake of doing it

    Poor strategy (gamification for gamifications sake - it needs a plan)

    Too much focus on extrinsic rewards


    Watch out for: inferred level of expertise - what does their gamification level indicate? actual expertise/performance?