Week 3: Your MyJive Support Group

Version 10

    For many of you, your new community will be set-up and supported via a secret collaboration group we call your "MyJive" group (each customer has one).

    This secret group is a critical place for you to get your community started.


    Even if your community is already launched, you may need access to your MyJive group in order to submit support cases related to your community.


    Learn about MyJive here:


    See if you can access your MyJive group

      • Don't have access? It's possible that you aren't supposed to have access... Typically only the core team for the community at your company will have access in order to control the number of cases that get submitted (after all, cases cost money).
        • Ask the other members of your community team about the MyJive group to see if you should have access.
      • Have access!
        • Do you see three buttons (shown below) including Start a Private Case? Great, you have the correct access to submit support cases.aining and Education, and and join relevant Interest Groups.


    Next, do these three things:

    [  ] Check into your MyJive group

    [  ] Identify the name of the administrator of your MyJive group (it should be an employee at your company, if not, you'll need to figure out who that person should be)

    [  ] Identify if anyone critical to your community team is missing from the MyJive group (you can see them in the Company Contacts tab in the group). Add or remove people as needed.

    [  ] Need to chat with support? Always submit a case. Support watches cases and tracks them, so please submit a case in order to get an answer from the support team.


    Respond below in the comments to let us know if you are successful or if you have questions. If you are having trouble joining your group, please let us know immediately and we can get you sorted. Thanks!