Version 12


    Enterprise Security Overview

    The Jive Daily application enables the user to access the organization sensitive information on his mobile device. The Enterprise Security features are designed to control the ability of the user to expose that sensitive information outside of the Jive Daily mobile application (Data Loss Prevention).


    Supported AppConfig Parameters


    Default value, if a key-value pair is not configured

    communityUrlSpecify this value to pre-filled the Community URL field on the login screen.<Empty String>
    downloadProtectionSetting this value to true will prevent the download of files & attachments from the community            via Jive Daily Hosted, even if downloads are allowed via the web or other clients. (If binary downloads are disabled            for the user or community across all clients, they will also be disabled in Jive Daily Hosted, regardless of            this setting.)false
    pasteboardProtectionSetting this value to true will prevent the user from using “copy & paste” in Jive            Daily Hosted.false
    openInProtectionSetting this value to true will prevent the sharing of data to external applications. For example:            Sharing a link to a document with the Mail app.false

    Specify this value to substitute the default User-Agent header value with the another one.

    Note: Currently only available in Jive Daily Cloud

    <Empty String>


    Applying The Security Feature By MDM Providers

    MobileIron via AppConfig

    1. Login to your MobileIron instance
    2. Import the Jive Daily app to your MobileIron App Catalog
      1. Select Apps -> App Catalog -> Quick Import -> iOS


      2. Search for "Jive Daily", and import the appropriate app to your MobileIron App Catalog

        Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 10.24.58 AM.png

    3. Prepare the managed configuration file:
      1. Download the managedAppConfig.plist file from the attachments section of this document
      2. Edit the file to match your security requirements according to the Supported AppConfig Parameters section
    4. Configure the Enterprise Security Features using AppConfig
      1. Select Policies & Configs -> Configurations -> Add New -> iOS and OS X -> Managed App Config
      2. Fill any Name & Description
      3. Fill the bundle ID of the Jive Daily app
        • Use "com.jivesoftware.daily" for Jive Daily Cloud
        • Use "com.jivesoftware.daily.hosted" for Jive Daily Hosted
      4. Choose the managedAppConfiguration.plist file
      5. Save the configuration
      6. Check the new configuration and apply it to the relevant label\s



    AirWatch via AppConfig

      1. Login to your AirWatch instance
      2. Import the Jive Daily app to your AirWatch Apps & Books
        1. Select Apps & Books -> Public -> Add Application
        2. Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 2.13.01 PM.pngSelect Apple iOS in the Platform section
        3. Select Search App Store in the Source section
        4. Enter "Jive Daily", and import the app appropriate app to your AirWatch Apps & Books

          Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 12.00.10 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-01-25 at 12.00.46 PM.png

      3. Set the managed configurations
        1. Download the managedAppConfigurationScheme.xml from the attachments section of this document
        2. Edit the application from the Apps & Books section
        3. Enter the Deployment tab
        4. Check the Send Application Configuration
        5. Press the Upload XML and select the managedAppConfigurationScheme.xml file
        6. Fill the values to match your security requirements, see the Supported AppConfig Parameters for more info
        7. Please remove empty string configurations if not used, don't leave an empty string. For example in the screenshot below, delete the userAgent configuration if not used
          Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 12.09.00 PM.png


    Good Technologies / Blackberry


    Jive Daily is Good\Blackberry compatible via AppDome.

    Note: Currently only available for Jive Daily Hosted




    Create App IDs and Provision profiles

    1. Create new App IDs for both Jive Daily and the Jive Daily Share Extension, as documented in here
    2. Create and download provision profiles for the new app and share extension


    Integrate with Good\BlackBerry via AppDome

    1. Login to AppDome
    2. Select the "Add New App" option
    3. In the "Choose an App From Our Publisher Catalog" find Jive Daily and press the Add to My Apps button
    4. Click on the app configuration icon to change the bundle ID to the app ID that you created
    5. In the Fuze section, select the Management tab
    6. Check the 3rd Party SDK, and select Good Dynamics SDK from the list
    7. In the GD App ID, enter the bundle ID of your app. Note: The GD App ID has to be unique across all Good\BlackBerry EMM instances
    8. Press the Fuse My App button
    9. In the Sign section
      1. Upload your Distribution Certificate in a .p12 format
      2. Type the .p12 password
      3. Press the Add Multiple Provisioning Profiles
      4. Add the provision profile for the app and the share extension
      5. Press the Sign button
    10. When the signing process is done you will be able to download the IPA for the app with Good\BlackBerry integration
    11. Upload the IPA to your Good\BlackBerry instance