Week 1: Getting Around in JiveWorks

Version 6

    As a brand new member of JiveWorks, we know it can be overwhelming. So we want to keep you focused on just a few things to do in your first week.


    Let's start by saying that we'd like to get you in the habit of coming here at least once a week. We realize you are busy and running a community might not be your day job. If you are an important player in your community, as a team member, use case owner, system administrator, we think that you will need to come in once a week to keep your learning fresh and on track to success.


    In your first week, read through these five helpful docs:


    Next, do these three things:

    [  ] Introduce yourself in a place outside this classroom

    [  ] Conduct a search for a topic that interests you

    [  ] Follow the Jive Information Channels that make sense for your role


    Respond below in the comments to let us know that you did it!


    We'll celebrate your first steps along with you!


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