Course Architecture: Introduction to JiveWorks

Version 2
    Introduction to JiveWorksIntroduce Yourself in JiveWorksSay Hello
    Start a Discussion
    Follow Places
    Navigating JiveWorks: Tips for getting AroundNavigating through Menus
    Using Search
    Finding Places
    Finding Content
    Search Tips for JiveWorksHow to Use Spotlight Search
    Advanced Search Tips
    Finding Answers in JiveWorksHow to Find Answers
    Where to Post a Question
    JiveWorks Topic DirectoryPlaces for News
    Places for Product & Support
    Places to Learn
    Places for Events
    The Customer Hub
    Places for Developers and Partners
    How to Earn Points in JiveWorksEarn Points with Activities
    Complete Missions with Badges
    Key Jive Information Channels to FollowFollow These Five Channels