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    Start a discussion


    Some of our key places already have active discussions titled "introduce yourself." If you find yourself in one of those places, please comment on that discussion and say hello! If you are in a place in the community that doesn't have "introduce yourself" as an active discussion, then feel free to start your own! You start a discussion by doing the following:


    • Go to the place where you want to start a discussion (you can find places in the JiveWorks Topic Directory or search by key words in the header menu)
    • When you are in the right place, select Discussion under the Actions > Create menu. When you select Discussion you have the option to start a discussion or click the box to ask a question.
    • Be sure to include these things in your discussion/question:
      • Who you are: what is your role using Jive at your company?
      • What do you hope to get from coming to the community?
      • What one question would you like to start with?


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