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Version 3

    Want to Receive Email Notifications About Your Jive Inbox?

    When starting out, it's a good idea to turn email notifications on, so that you are more aware of activity happening in the community. You can always turn the notifications off later when you are visiting the community on a regular basis.

    • Under your picture avatar, select Preferences
    • Turn on "receive email" at the very top of the list - as shown below (this means you will get an email in your company's email system).
    • Next, select Inbox (everything except direct social) - as shown below.
    • Next, select Inbox (Direct social interactions) - as shown below.
    • If you are concerned with receiving too many emails from Jive, be sure to select NO for every other option.
    • Select Save at the bottom of the screen (or your changes will not be saved).


    Now get out there and say hello!

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