Intro to JiveWorks | Navigating JiveWorks | User Pathways

Version 6

    Navigate the Community Using Pathways

    Finding your way around JiveWorks can be challenging if you are used to a more traditional Web navigation hierarchy. These lessons should help you find the groups you are interested in and help you manage your time here.


    Key user pathways on the JiveWorks menu and the JiveWorks home page have been added to help you find your way around the community more easily.

    • JiveWorks home page: Our home page is entirely visible to unregistered guests and shares curated content as well as a dynamic question and answer form.
    • News: Shows recent promoted News content and announcements, as well as key places to learn About the Community and read our Jive Talks blogs.
    • Product and Support: See public product annoucements in Jive-n & Jive-x, receive product support in Jive Support and view our Jive Knowledge Base, for step-by-step instructions and FAQ. Customer-only access to product feedback is available in Ideas for Jive and private customer support in MyJive Support groups.
    • Learn: For the beginner as well as the community manager, we have training to suit all levels. Additional customer-only assistance is available in our Adoption Resource Center
    • Events: Visit our public one-stop space for Events, recorded webinars, and user group information.
    • Customer Hub: Only visible to pre-approved customers, viewers see pre-release information about upcoming product updates, our advocates program, and releases.
    • Developers & Partners: Developers can learn and share best practices, customers can find partners in the Partner Community, and partners have access to a private partner-only Partner Hub


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