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Version 6

    Best Ways to Post a Question

    If you've exhausted resources looking for an answer, you can post your question, of course! Simply make sure you post your question in the right place.


    1. Use the 'Ask a Question' widget on the Home page

    • When you type in your question, you'll need to select what type of question it is. This will help to ensure your question is posted in the right community place. Post your question when you are ready.
    • Possible answers will appear below the widget while you are typing your question. Be sure to check them out.

    2. Using the JiveWorks Topic Directory, navigate to a pertinent place and ask your question

    • Select Discussion from the Actions menu and then click the box to mark the discussion as a question.

    3. Ask the question in your MyJive group

    • If you want to search for an answer in your company's secret MyJive group, check to see if you have access to it by clicking here: MyJive Group. Note: not everyone has access to their company's secret support space, ask Jive Support if you think you should have access but you don't.

    4. Reach out to another community member.

    • When you search, people will appear in the results as well as content. By looking at their points and the expertise listed in their profile, you can determine if they are an expert in what you are searching for.
    • Consider starting a discussion in one of our open discussion groups Internal Communities  External Communities Developer and at-mentioning some of the people popping up in your searches.

    Other Tips

    • Avoid posting your question in a personal status update. The truth is, very few people are likely to see it.
    • When in doubt, always post questions in an active place where you can clearly see that questions are being answered.


    Hopefully this will give you some ideas on how to find what you are looking for. If you still haven't found your answer, then it's time to post your question!

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