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    Can we remove a badge that was mistakenly rewarded?
    - Referring to Jive Rewards
    - As an admin
    - Yes, a manual badge

    You can revoke a mistakenly awarded custom event badge.  Include the person's email address with a "revoke" next to it in the csv file upload:

    If we are using AGM and want to continue to use missions currently active in the community. When we migrate will we need to set up those missions again in Rewards? Or how does that work since actions don't migrate over.Missions would need to be recreated though you probably won't need as many.  For example, if you have non-badged missions for things like "write a blog post" you no longer need to set up those missions in rewards.  Content creation is covered in the strategy missions.  Just make sure to configure the points you would like for Events and that those key events are flowing through an enabled strategy mission.  This workbook can help in your planning Jive Rewards Settings Workbook | JiveWorks
    Have customers with Rewards been concerned with user challenges be gamed by users. We have had issues with users farming for points in our community.I haven't seen anyone using the challenges to farm for points.  That doesn't mean it can't happen.  Many Rewards customers turn off the ability to challenge because it doesn't fit their corporate culture.
    Is Jive going to be adding more features and functionality to Rewards in the future? Or are we going to see only small updates from here on out?We are planning to add more features and functionalities in the future. In the next release we will be focusing mainly on improvements rather than new features.
    Does the Rewards admin console have permission levels? For example the AGM allows for full admin access and analytics only access. Does the same exist for Rewards?Currently there is one permission level within rewards.  It's all or nothing.
    Do ALL the points migrate over when a person takes action? Or just points for that action they take?All of a user's points move over at the point they take action post-migration, as long as they take action within the 3 month rolling period.
    Regarding your "Prep for move" slide... You say "review existing settings" to see if the missions still support the behaviors you'd like to encourage. Is there a list in JiveWorks of ALL Jive Rewards missions and what they support?Yes, please take a look at the Missions tab here Jive Rewards Settings Workbook | JiveWorks
    Can you give an example of a strategy mission that connects a basic event like marking an answer?The validator mission (Innovation strategy) is an example of the "mark an answer" event flowing through it.
    It is great to now have the ability to target quests by profile data in cloud Rewards. Is there anything on the development roadmap to provide targeting quests to a specific place?

    I think that the questions here is about the audience of the quest (To target the quest to a specific social group). This is on the roadmap - The targeted quest will be targeted to a specific social group but will seen as a all targeted quests (The group is just the audience)

    When will the link bug with the Featured Quest tile be resolved?

    The team will investigate it and hopefully we can have it fixed in the next Jive release (2017.1)

    In your Event Points spreadsheet it shows Default and Recommended. Why are they different?Default is what the default setting is in Rewards.  Recommended is what I update in the sheet for what we want the settings to be based on business goals.
    How are Levels and the manual awarding of points (either via player management or user gives points) related? I've noticed, if I give a user points in player management, their level does not increase. And i've noticed that when user gives points via user badges, their points go down, but their levels don't. So it safe to say that Level is an authentic status... points are not always tied to level?Levels are tied to what's been earned based on activity.  Giving away some of your points to a colleague to recognize their contributions with a User badge should not penalize you by knocking you down a level.
    Are there plans for admins to customize Strategy Categories or User Badges? Outside of Quests, those two areas are the only areas where we can only enable/disable, but not customize.

    There is a workaround for User Badges.  While you can't currently change the system name for a user badge, you can update the badge visual with a name in it so that's what everyone sees.  As an example, we took the "Nice Work" user badge and added these (and more) as the badge visuals:


    The customization feature is on our roadmap

    Once advocacy quests are enabled into a group, for instance, are the admins of that group able to create quests? I'd like members to create quests without making them an admin in our system.All quests, even an advocate quest, would need to be created by a Rewards administrator
    The custom event that is using Embedded link trigger - which is to "Create an API link that can be accessed by either servers or clients to register the event as completed. The completion link is auto-generated to tie to this task, and must include the user's email address to function."


    I'm not a programmer... can novice people do this?


    or is there help for them specifically?
    There is some simple JS necessary.  If this isn't something you've done before I'd recommend getting some help.  Detail can be found here Rewards .
    Is this functionality "once" per instance? For example - we have an internal Jive instance to ALL employees - but many different departments. So, could the SALES team have one instance (levels, missions, badges, etc.) and MARKETING have a completely different instance (so those people accumulate points/levels separately from SALES) ...There is one instance of Rewards per Jive instance.  So there's one system-wide set of levels but then you could use the profile field targeting to set up sales-specific quests.
    is this free functionality - or a paid "add-on"?Jive Rewards is included in your Jive Cloud license.
    when a user challenges another user - are there actual points involved (ie. they can challenge whoever answers the most questions in a day, etc.) or is it just a conversation within the jive rewards area?

    No points are exchanged as a result of a user challenge.  It's just smack-talk.:

    what does the bulk assignment of badges look like? Will we need to have the users' usernames or IDs in the excel file before uploading or can it be done name or email?

    You just need the email address (the one they use in Jive) plus a "reward" or "revoke":

    What happens to users who aren't active within the 3 month window after migration? do all the remaining users switch over after 3 months?After the 3 month rolling period any user that wasn't active (or acted upon) during that period would see 0 points.
    are strategy missions retro-active? In other words if someone already had content bookmarked, liked, etc will they get credit for that, or does it have to be any content forward from when the mission is enabled?Strategy missions are not retroactive.  This is because we are migrating over the points your users earned pre-migration for those activities.
    Can you elaborate more on what happens when a user challenges another?

    If I'm the challenged one, I get a notification in my Jive inbox with whatever smack talk the challenger added.  I can respond and the conversation can continue from there.

    Can you add/remove points in bulk? Meaning, can you assign 100 extra points to 50 employees at one time, or do you need to manually enter this for each employee?In the Player management screen you would remove / add  individually for each player.  However, you COULD set up a custom event badge for those 100 points and upload a csv file of all the players to whom you would like to award those points.  That's probably a better way of doing it (besides being more efficient) so they know why they received the extra points.
    can you search for people based on badges received / missions achieved?As an administrator I can run a Quest completion report to see everyone who has completed a specific quest.  As an end-user I am unable to find other end-users based on their badges.
    Is Jive Rewards geared more to specific use cases vs others? Or newer vs more mature communities? Compared to AGM, i mean.It can cover whichever use cases you like.  For example, in a new community much of what you are driving is helping your members understand capabilities and benefits of the community.  A more mature community will still have some community on-boarding recognition but you might also be rewarding advocates and adding in advanced level quests to continue to keep your power-users engaged.  That's all on top of your specific use case needs like HR onboarding, Sales enablement, etc.
    Are there any plans to have more granular permissions to who can create quests? Currently you need manage system or higher to create which poses risks due to the other administrative options that permission level gives to users.

    This is something we are currently investigating.

    Is there a plan to allow targeted quest for custom profile fields that we have created, not just the ones out of the box?

    We will be adding also the "Single select list" and "Multi selection list" type of fields

    During the migration, can you elaborate on what is needed to be done by users to trigger their migration? Does a simple log-in trigger, or do they have to take action?

    Any event that the user will do will initiate his/her migration. Even looking at the user's profile will trigger the migration.

    My understanding is that once you go from AG to Rewards, you cannot go back. Is there still no way to test Rewards (without a sandbox, which I don't have the budget for) and once that decision is made, it is more or less "set in stone"?

    There is no way to effectively move from Rewards back to Bunchball. They can turn of Rewards and continue using Bunchball but all the points they gained in Rewards won't appear in Bunchball. I wound't recommend doing that on a production instance.

    What are the specific actions that we can influence?  Ex. Can we award points for commenting on a specific doc or blog?  Can we award points for uploading a photo to a specific document etc?Please see the events tab here Jive Rewards Settings Workbook | JiveWorks .  When you add one of those events to a quest, you can get more specific as to the type of content or even a specific piece of content.
    Can peer-peer badges be awarded just once?  or can a badge be awarded many times to the same person at different points in time?The same badge can be awarded to a member multiple times.
    Can we put a cap on how many points certain users can get?Not currently.  You can completely deactivate a user from rewards but there isn't a way to set a cap.
    Can you either create your own quests with missions or activate the strategy missions Jive provides?Quests and strategy missions are separate concepts in Rewards.  You can create your own quests while the strategy missions are already created.
    For peer-to-peer recognition badges, can we set it so that the badges are approved by system admin before being awarded?There is not an approval flow for user badges.  As an administrator I can turn them off completely but once they are on they are in the hands of the community members.
    Hello, thanks for the presentation so far. Given that Advanced Gamification seems to have fewer features than Jive Rewards, why would one choose to use it?Jive Rewards is available only in Cloud, so if you have a hosted or on-premise environment and want gamification then you need Advanced Gamification.  Also, Advanced Gamification also has a points store which is not available in Rewards.
    I must have missed something. So the Jive Rewards system and the Advanced Gamification are not related and you need to purchase both in order to have all of these features? Do they work together? Or is one or the other?You would use either one or the other.  They would not be combined.  If you are a Cloud customer you do not need to pay extra for Rewards.
    Is it possible to turn off all points and levels but still be able to use peer-to-peer recognition?

    Yes.  1) Deactivate all quests so they show inactive.  2) Deactivate all strategy categories 3) Delete all levels except 0 and rename it something like "Community Member".


    The one thing to be aware of is that members will see a "Level 0" icon at the top of all profiles:

    Since Gamification is managed through the third-party Nitro application, while Jive Rewards is the native Jive, while Gamification be retired at some point ?  When ?

    Currently, there is no plan to retire AGM.

    Very new to Jive, sorry for the inexperienced question. Is upgrading to Jive Rewards from Advanced Gamification included in our license or will it mean an increased cost?

    There is no additional cost for Jive Rewards.