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    How to Manage Your Inbox


    In this lesson, we'll teach you to manage your inbox in such a way that you are getting the important information you need but not getting an extreme amount of information (which can lead to overload). Your Inbox is accessible from the JiveWorks main menu (see the bubble with a number in it below).


    Tips for Managing Your Inbox

    • Follow only key people in your Inbox. The community manager or a key coworker might be good people to follow in your Inbox, but in general it's best to keep the list short. You can follow a person by clicking on their profile in the community and selecting the Follow button.
    • Follow only important places in your Inbox. You should follow your MyJive support group in your Inbox and perhaps this Onboarding group for your first few months. But again, keep the list of places your follow in your Inbox very short.
    • Check your notifications.You will often see a starred line in your Inbox for notifications (see image at right). Be sure to click on this line to see what your notifications are. Often, important invitations are waiting for you in the notifications link and you could be missing them. Did you miss the invitation for your MyJive group? It's probably still in your Notifications.
    • Mark as read/unread. Often times I read a message that I need to get back to later. So I'll mark it as Unread so that it remains active in my Inbox. Same goes for items that you know you don't care about. Click on the item and mark it as read then move on with your day!

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