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    How to Join Your MyJive Group

    Each customer has their own dedicated question-and-answer group for support. The MyJive secret group is the place where you can file new support cases, store related documents, and participate in projects (such as your community implementation). The group is the best place for you, as a customer, to interact directly with Jive departments. This place is named after your company and can be found under the MyJive listing in the Product & Support navigation menu.


    Typically, new customers are invited to their MyJive group by our account management team. If you were invited before you joined the community, the invitation might be waiting for you in your InBox here in the community! If nothing appears when you click the MyJive link or you get an "unauthorized" message, then you either need to accept the invitation to your MyJive group or you have not yet been invited to the group.


    Steps to Get Access

    • Check for an invitation by clicking on the Inbox bubble to the left of your avatar in the navigation bar at the top of the screen, see example below.

    • You should have a Notifications item in your InBox. If you click on the Notifications, you should see the notification with the ability to Accept the invitation to the group (in my case, Jive Software because that is my company!)
    • If there are no Notifications (and you think you should have an Invitation notification) please contact your community manager or you can email: and we'll help you get connected to the right person.


    For more information, see MyJive Secret Support Group Administration FAQ

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