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    Managing your MyJive Group

    It's important that someone from your company manages your MyJive group. It might be you or it could be someone else.


    Check to see if you have an administrator

    If you already have access to your MyJive group, click on the group's About link (in the place menu) and see if someone from your company is listed in the Owned By field. If you see someone listed from your company then you are all set! If you only see Jive Software listed, then you will need to identify an administrator for your group.


    What does an administrator do?

    The group administrator is expected to manage who has access to the MyJive group. This could mean approving new users to your group or removing users who have left your company (Jive cannot make these changes for you). That's about it!


    Request to be made an administrator

    In your MyJive group, submit a support case to request to be made an administrator. The support team will make the necessary permission changes to grant you admin privileges. This request only gives you admin powers in your MyJive group.


    Designate another administrator for your group

    As an administrator you can grant, or retract, administrative privileges to any member of your MyJive support group. From your support group's "Overview" tab, click on Manage in the top right and then select Members. For any Member listed, you can elect to Change their Role to Administrator.


    Invite new users to your MyJive group

    Any group member can invite others to join the group by clicking Invite people to join this group from the Actions menu on the Overview tab.

    • Send an invitation to a username or email address. The user must follow the link from the email, or go to Actions > Notifications here in JiveWorks, then click the button to Accept the invite.

    • Accept the member request to be added. The MyJive group administrator can approve the new user requests by logging into JiveWorks and going to the Actions tab on the Inbox page at
    • Note: Jive will not approve or add users to a MyJive group. This must be done by an administrator in your company as Jive cannot verify what users from your organization should have access to your secret support cases (or not). This must be handled by your own organization.


    Remove someone from your MyJive group

    To remove a user from your MyJive secret group, go to the group and then select Manage > Members. You will then see a list of all active members of the group. Click change next to their role and select "Delete From Group." We advise that you do this for anyone who has left their role or your company altogether.


    See the full list of FAQs here: MyJive Secret Support Group Administration FAQ


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