Version 2

    Earlier this year, we had announced the release of a new Analytics micro service that would allow us to iterate rapidly on our dashboards. Building on that service we are excited to announce the release of a new enhanced version of the Engagement Dashboard. The enhancements to the dashboard include, a new revised user experience, with a new color scheme. The ability to download data from each chart and a more fulfilling full screen experience . Prior versions of the Engagement dashboard iteration have been focused on metric definitions enhancements. We have also made the addition of a big visualization number to each chart to allow users to see the overall performance of any metric.


    Engagement Dashboard Enhancements

    With this release the following feature enhancements are available in the Engagement Dashboard

    • A new visualization big number is added to each chart to get an executive summary of each metric
    • Ability can download data for each chart
    • The full screen mode is more responsive and easy to engage with
    • The presentation schemes have been updated to allow users to easily differentiate between metrics

    Engagement Dashboard

    Engagement Dashboard v1.1.png


    Full screen View





    Do I need to enable the Engagement Analytics dashboard if I already have the version in place?No, existing customers who have Community analytics enabled should be able to view the revised changes of the Engagement Dashboard.
    How do I view the Full screen version of the a chart within the Engagement Dashboard?Users can click on the to expand any chart to view it in full screen mode. You can click on the icon again to minimize the chart and return to the dashboard .
    What does the big visualization number on the chart indicate?It indicates the data for the last completed month on the Chart.
    How do I show percent to total on the chart?In the full screen mode, you can expand any multi - series chart and click on the 'By Percent Option' underneath the Big Visualization number to show the data .