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    In order to add custom images to a Jive email header or footer template, the images will need to be stored in place that is publicly accessible.  The Jive application provides a solution for this out of the box, by using the Static Resources / Image Files feature.



    • Verified for version: Jive 8, Jive 9, Cloud




    1.  Navigate to a Jive Space or Social Group and under the Manage menu, click on "Static resources" (Jive Cloud) or "Image Files" (Jive Hosted / On-Prem):


    pastedImage_2 (1).png



    2. Upload your image as a static resource. Please note that the image will now be publicly accessible.  Anyone who has obtained the URL will be able to access the image, so uploading sensitive information as a static resource may not always be desired.


    If your Jive community is temporarily unavailable then these email images will not display in your emails

    If this is a concern it is advised you host your images elsewhere.


    3. Once the image has been uploaded, the URL can be obtained by clicking on the "Copy to Clipboard" link":




    4. The link to the static image link can then be added to the HTML of the email header or footer template. Email templates can be located at Admin console: System > Settings > Message Templates.

    You will need Manage Community permissions to be able to access the email message templates.




    5.  Users will see the custom image displayed in the header / footer of any future emails email after you save the message template changes.


    pastedImage_2 (2).png