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    It can be confusing when trying to decide whether to create a Jive document (that lives within the Jive system) or using an outside document creation source (like MS Word, Excel, or even Adobe Indesign). Knowing how the two content types are different can be helpful in making this decision. It helps first to understand the difference between the content types:  Content Types -- What's the difference? so be sure to check out that document before making your considerations below.


    Other factors to be considered:

    • Will the document need to be transferred outside Jive? If the document needs to be eventually sent outside your company or submitted to another document management system, then creating it in an outside document source can be a great idea.
    • Will many people need to collaborate on the document? It can be easier to collaborate in real time on a document in Jive. In a simple one-click edit, collaborators can make changes to a document within seconds of each other.  With outside documents that have been uploaded as files, a collaborator would need first have the application the document was created in, then download the doc, open it, make and save the changes and then re-upload the file.
    • Does the document require a lot of data? Tables can be used in Jive documents but really big tables can be hard to manage, and tables with tabs and formulas are not possible. So if data is important to your document, you will probably need to upload a spreadsheet as a file.
    • Is a particular format required for the document? Jive native documents are flexible and will render in the system depending on the window width or browser. If you need a document to be an exact size with a particular layout, then uploading a file is the way to go.


    I find that when writing pure Jive content like How-to documents or Blogs, it's very easy to use Jive native documents and to collaborate with coworkers on the content before publishing. When working on documents that require a lot of data or a specific presentation (like for slides or printed documents), I tend to create them using Microsoft or Adobe's document creation programs and then upload those files into the Jive system.


    I hope this helps you decide how to proceed with your own document choices!