Version 7

    The Jive Mentors Program provides a unique opportunity for community managers, execs, and admins to have real, authentic conversations around their social business objectives and challenges.


    In order to have a productive and meaningful engagement with your mentor, we recommend observing the following "do's and don'ts".







    • identify a clearly articulated issue to center the engagement around. When in doubt, check your objectives against goal-setting protocols such as SMART (Specific, Measurable, Agreed-upon, Realistic, Time-based). Check out the Mentorship Planning Framework.docx for guidance here
    • follow the process for requesting a mentor (ie. start a DISCUSSION in the Internal/External Communities group). Details can be found here: Jive Mentors Program: Overview
    • discuss the ‘norms’ for your meetings and your own needs and limits (e.g., availability, style of interfacing, communication preferences, etc.)
    • read over the available resources on your topic and approach the conversation with a basic understanding of what's readily available to you. A few places you may want to check out are:
    • be proactive about scheduling meetings, pulling together resources, taking notes, etc.



    • use this as an "onboarding" event. There are numerous resources (some of the best ones are listed above) to help you get started. Push yourself to be as focused around a topic as possible
    • expect your mentor to have all of the answers. Mentors are social business experts with significant experience on a wide number of topics, but they don't know everything. It's OK to feel lost at times, this is why this program exists
    • make your mentor do all of the work. Honor their time and knowledge by being communicative and proactive
    • anticipate having all of your questions answered by the end of your engagement. Some challenges can be very complex, and will require additional time and energy to be properly addressed
    • hesitate to reach out to the Jive team if you need additional support
    • forget to have fun!


    If you have any questions, reach out to Miguel Rodriguez