Version 5

    The Jive Mentors Program provides a unique opportunity for community managers, execs, and admins to have real, authentic conversations around their social business objectives and challenges.


    In order to have a productive and meaningful engagement with your mentee, we recommend observing the following "do's and don'ts".






    • work with your mentee and strive to clearly articulate a focal topic that you can build a SMART goal from. Check out the Mentorship Planning Framework.docx for additional guidance
    • follow the process for finding a mentee (ie. start a DISCUSSION in the Internal/External Communities group). Details can be found here: Jive Mentors Program: Overview
    • discuss the ‘norms’ for your meetings and your own needs and limits (e.g., time, style of interfacing, communication preferences, etc.)
    • keep in mind that your mentee may be very new to Jive/social business best practices. Establish a supportive environment. Adjust your language, expectations, and behavior accordingly
    • aim to foster a relationship based on trust and respect, where candid and honest feedback can be shared
    • ask questions and practice active listening. Pushing your mentor to think critically about their topic may be the most valuable thing you can do



    • allow the engagement to proceed if you feel your mentee hasn't "done their homework" or is not ready to make the most of this program. It's perfectly OK to point your mentee to other resources they should explore first prior to jumping into a mentor/mentee relationship
    • anticipate or expect to have all the answers. Social business can raise challenging topics. Let your mentee know you'll need to think about their question before getting back to them. Set realistic expectations
    • let your expertise and breadth of experience overwhelm your mentee. Keep your engagement on topic and try to minimize "scope creep". If there are tangents your mentee should explore, make them known as part of their continuing education post mentorship
    • hesitate to reach out to the Jive team if you need additional support
    • forget to have fun!


    If you have any questions, reach out to Todd Bowersock